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During this difficult time of lockdown due to the COVID-19 Virus, we thought that an inspiration page might bring some much needed "Cheer" to members. If you come across an inspirational quote, poem, or image, please submit them, and we will update this page accordingly.


Inspiring Sunset (c) tenor :

Inspiring Sunset


Forest Xylophone Plays Bach!

Forest Xylophone


"Some Days" poem, Submitted by Alison Harper, as discovered on Facebook.

Hope Poem

Hope Poem submitted by Valerie Reilly


[ Blossom Opens time lapsed ]

Blossom opens - time lapsed photography. Submitted by Valerie Reilly.(YouTube)


Lockdown Lunar Landscape Lunar Landscape captured on video by Coats Observatory, Paisley. (Facebook)


A Smile - Poem submitted by Rose Brown - found on


To view an inspiring rainbow view over Skye, click the thumbnail "Croftbeag" in the right hand margin.
(Photograph courtesy of Gareth Hughes)


"Think Deeply" and "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" poems - submitted by Rose Brown
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