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If you are interested in finding out more about Paisley and District U3A, please contact us by email, or come along to one of our monthly meetings. We are keen to attract new members.

Maybe you're interested in supporting the development of new learning groups or attending some of the groups. You might be interested in both. Remember that everyone involved with U3A is a volunteer. All of us have different skills, knowledge and experiences. Those members who volunteer to co-ordinate and support groups are not all experts.

The general U3A ethos is one of participative learning. Most U3A members are interested people who are keen to meet others and learn something new. Group members meet together and make their own decisions about how to manage the group learning.It is often said that within the U3A, 'teachers become learners and learners become teachers'. We all have something to teach AND something to learn.

Please remember that we are all volunteers. Paisley & District U3a is very new and we are all on a learning curve. We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please note that by contacting us via email, we will assume that you are consenting to receiving information from Paisley & District U3a. We will not divulge your details to any other person or organisation

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