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Exploring the Sites

We hold geographical information for all U3As with sites hosted here - use the search box to find sites by name. Click the sidebar links to see regional breakdowns, names of sites in notable geographic positions and a map with a pin for each site hosted here. In more crowded areas the pins are very close together, but it's possible to zoom in to particular areas. Can you find the pin for your own U3A? Is it in the right place? If not, please send us a message containing a postcode which pinpoints it more accurately.

We will also be showing the most-visited web pages for the previous month. Not surprisingly, those for regional sites tend to dominate, but it will be interesting to see how much the list changes from month to month. When looking at page visit statistics it is always necessary to remember that not all 'visitors' are human: there are also search engine crawlers which visit frequently to find and index page content.

This page will sometimes link to a currently featured site, selected to exemplify the use (or occasional misuse) of Site Builder options and refer to interesting content. The first candidate is the one for Southport (see sidebar link), which has recently undergone a successful 'de-cluttering' exercise and now has a very clear navigational structure.

Click the "pigeon post" link above to nominate a site to be featured, explaining what makes it worthy of attention.

Popular Pages

Which pages had most visits in January 2019?

2475South East U3A Region Members
2297Preston & District Groups
2066Southport Activity, Leisure and Learning Groups
1649Worcester Group List
1576North West Region of U3As Events
1532London Region of U3As London U3As
1478Chepstow Chepstow U3A Groups
1462Edinburgh Activity Groups
1456Worcester Welcome to Worcester Area Group (U3A)
1409West Midlands U3A Region Members
1375Preston & District Welcome
1367Southport Welcome and News
1314Evesham & District Groups
1238Bristol Groups
1236Bedford Groups