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All About Groups

This is the page to find out about the central activity of all U3As: their interest groups. Subject advisors may find it useful to survey what is happening in their own subject areas across a large sample of U3As. Search results are classified geographically - find out any neighbouring U3As with groups like your own, and see whether there is scope for joint activities!

The tag cloud shows the most commonly-occurring topics for U3A groups. Click in any name (or enter a name in the search box and press return) to look for U3As which run groups with that name. Where there are several variations on a name, the system will list them to allow you to narrow down the topic.

At the other end of the scale are the unique or very unusual groups which may be run by just one U3A. Follow the sidebar links to see some examples, and send us a message if your U3A has a group which should be included.

Group Name Tag Cloud

 ambling   archaeology   art   astronomy   badminton   book   boules   bowling   bridge   canasta   card making   chess   cinema   computing   craft   crochet   croquet   crosswords   current affairs   cycling   dancing   dining   discussion   drama   drawing   exercise   film   flower arranging   food   french   games   garden   genealogy   geology   german   golf   guitar   history   holiday   italian   jazz   knitting   latin   literature   lunch   mah jong   meditation   music   nature   opera   outing   painting   patchwork   petanque   philosophy   photography   pickleball   pilates   poetry   psychology   quilting   quiz   reading   recorder   rummikub   science   scrabble   sewing   shakespeare   singing   social   spanish   strolling   tai chi   technology   tennis   theatre   travel   ukulele   visits   walking   whist   wine   writing   yoga