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Editing the Site Builder

This page is aimed at Site Builder editors. It will show notifications of new options, reminders about existing options, suggestions for what to do and what not to do, and responses to questions and comments from users which merit wider circulation. Click the "pigeon post" mail link to send a message — those of genenera linterest will be quoted and answered here. Use the search box to find older entries about particular topics.

Latest article: Links Clarification

Site Builder links come in four different flavours:

  1. External: to URLs for other sites,
  2. Internal: to uploaded files,
  3. Sub: from a parent page to a sub-page,
  4. Ref: a cross-reference from any page to any other.
Every link has a parent page and associated link text - a word or phrase which visitors click to go to the link destination. It may also be set as inline only. Those properties are set initially by the editor, and can always be changed subsequently. But other options vary according to the link type.

  1. External links are created and removed by an editor, and any of their elements can be subsequently reset.
  2. Internal links are created automatically when a file is uploaded, and the editor sets the initial value of all the properties. The only property which cannot be changed later is the link destination: the address of the uploaded file. Removing the link automatically removes the file itself, unless another link is pointing at the same file. Internal links can be copied in order to link to the same file from two or more different pages.
  3. Sub-page links are created automatically when a sub-page is created, and removed automatically when that page is removed. Their initial properties are set by the editor, after which only the link text and inline only property can be changed.
  4. Cross-reference links are created and removed by the editor, who sets the initial properties and can change any of them later, except the identity of the referenced page.