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Making a slideshow?

The editor for Sandwell asked:
We have put lots of photographs onto the website and wondered if it is possible to set these up as a slide show rather than the system as it is currently whereby we have to click on 'next' to look at a picture.

Answer: We don't have an explicit slideshow option on the Site Builer, but it would be possible to make one and include it on the site. You would need to:

  • Make a slideshow (as a video or 'movie') with your photographs using some suitable software. Two possibilities are Irfanview and Picasa, both of which can be freely downloaded and are well-documented.
  • Upload your video to YouTube. If you haven't already got a google account you will need to register one to start with.. After uploading, click the link labelled "Share", and you will see a data entry box containing something like http://youtu.be/9GeCJazJ_10. Make a note of the identifier: the sequence after http://youtu.be/
  • Use the Embedding option in the Admin menu to enter details of your video. Select the page where it is to appear in the normal way, then enter a suitable title and values for the height and width. In the "Video ID" field enter just the identifier string — without any surrounding html tags.
  • It is a good idea to put the video on a page by itself, so it sure to be seen. At present only one video per site can be added — send a message via the pigeon post above if you would like to be able to show more.