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Why only Site Builder sites?

Some recent contributions to Oversights commented that it used only information from Site Builder sites and asked whether it would be possible to cover independent sites as well.

Every U3A is independent, and its members are free to choose what software is used to build their sites. In practice some come to the Site Builder after having used different software, and others go the other way after a time. What we have done on Oversights is possible only because information about so many sites is stored here in a similar way, so it is fairly simple to search, extract and summarise it. It would not be feasible to do the same thing with sites hosted elsewhere - at least not with the volunteer "workforce" in the current support team! Elements like groups and events could not be easily identified by software, given that most popular web authoring packages tend to support a visual rather than structural approach to page design. That alternative approach gives a different set of advantages, and many web editors obviously do prefer the freedom to work visually and produce their own distinctive designs, but, as with many things in life, you can't have everything!