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Maximum size for uploaded pictures

The editor of the site for Brunswick Westward U3A has commented: "The size of images currently allowed is incredibly small by today's standards. Any possibility of enabling larger sized images to be uploaded in the future? This would improve clarity of the photos and would also save having to specially save each image in a very small size just for uploading."

At present our upper limit on photo-width is 1024 pixels, a size which will still occupy a large percentage of many screens. It is actually still a bit too large to fit the tablets which are increasingly being used to view our web sites. So at the moment the current limit seems a good compromise for the wide range of possible platforms in use.

Even if the limit were raised slightly, the very high resolution pictures taken by modern digital cameras produce huge files, so it would still be necessary to reduce them before putting them on the site. Perhaps that is a nuisance, but the advantage of doing so is that the files then take less time to upload and download — still an issue in parts of the country where broadband speeds are not ideal. On the web itself reduced pictures should not display a perceptible loss of quality, so they will be fine for the casual site visitor. If you wish to allow fellow-members to download and print high-quality full-size pictures it might be worth investigating a dedicated photo-sharing site. See the Oversights article on Online Storage Services for more information.