Then and Now

Then: Oversights was created as an offshoot of the u3a Site Builder software, which has been used to make websites for local u3as since 2006. The content for sites hosted at is stored in a central database, making it possible to search and summarise different kinds of information across them all. The table below shows a small example.

Now: there is a replacement for the Site Builder called SiteWorks, and a number of sites 'migrate' to the new platform every week. By the early part of 2025 600+ u3a sites will have made the move. As each SiteWorks site is independent, having its own database and copy of the Wordpress software, it will not be feasible to summarise or search for information in the same way as it has been. So a small amount of data about migrated sites is being retained in the Oversights database in order to continue providing its most useful functions.

The possibilities are under investigation - the results will change over the next 12 months and be explained and / or demonstrated on the other main pages of this site.

When is the most popular time to have a U3A group meeting?
The totals below are derived from all the sites published here which show that information.

Day A.M.P.M.All
Monday 13401904 3244
Tuesday 15391860 3399
Wednesday 15091809 3318
Thursday 16001821 3421
Friday 12231125 2348
Saturday 7743 120
Sunday 52142 194
Totals7340 8704 16044