Meetings are held weekly on Tuesday at the Memorial Hall, Oswestry. Coffee and biscuits available from 10 am. The meeting starts at 10.30 am usually finished 11.30 - 11.45 am.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Jan 28th Change to Programme:-
Reverend Peter White - Talking Hands (fellowship for Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
Tue Feb 4th Richard & Mavis Gulliver - The Botanist Islay Dry Gin – our part in a global success story
Tue Feb 11th Business Meeting / Coffee Morning
Tue Feb 18th Keith Cattell - The Englishman’s Castle is his Home (How Castles have changed over the centuries)
Tue Feb 25th Lee Fraser (Shropshire Countryside Ranger) - Special Wildlife Sites in Shropshire
Tue Mar 3rd Bernard Dennis - Sir Thomas Egerton ‘Keeper of the Queen’s Conscience’. Sir Thomas was one of the most powerful men during the latter reign of Queen Elizabeth I
Tue Mar 10th Members Morning:- Julian Allen (Welshpool U3A) - History of the High Street
Tue Mar 17th Linsey Kilvert - Hope House Children's Hospice
Tue Mar 24th Jim almond - A Shropshire Birder's Year.
Jim is an established Shropshire based bird blogger and photographer for the RSPB. He keeps a County year list every year and aims to see at least 160 species (with as many as possible photographed!)
Tue Mar 31st Gordon Dickens - Shropshire, A Romantic View
Gordon is a retired librarian with a longstanding interest in the literary connections of Shropshire, his home county. He is Chair of the Mary Webb Society
Tue Apr 7th Vicky Sadler (Deputy Head of Audiology & hearing therapist) - Hearing Loss and Ways to Manage It