Membership information

We are a small but growing vigorous U3A and welcome any new members. Being small, most of our groups are able to include new members.

A newsletter, which is issued at the end of each month, gives details of the various groups we currently have, and the contact telephone number of the group leader.

When do we meet?
Every last Thursday of each month, we have a social meeting for all members. This is held in the hall at the Ockment Centre, North Street, Okehampton at 2.30pm. At this meeting, we sometimes have speakers or some sort of social event.

How do I join?
Potential new members are welcome to attend up to 3 meetings (either group or social) before joining and paying your subscription. On the back of the application form, you will see there is a sliding scale for subscriptions depending on when you join, as our year is from April to March.

Where do we meet?
Most of our groups meet in members' houses, except for those that are too large for this. The larger groups meet in a variety of venues in and around Okehampton. Depending on where the group meetings are held, there is a small charge for each meeting e.g. Needlework is held in a member’s house and we pay 50p for tea/coffee/biscuits.

Got a new idea for a group?
We hope you will find something that interests you. If there is currently not a group in a subject that interests you, please let the Membership Secretary know. There may be other members with similar interests just waiting for a group to be set up. If you are interested in leading a group or serving on the committee we would be only too pleased to know!

Please download both the Membership application form and Membership information letter for more information. Alternatively you can contact Ann Houghton the Membership Secretary by email or phone : annhoughton42@btinternet.com Tel. 01409 231668