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U3A November Newsletter

Dear Members,

Those of you who have been members for a number of years will already be aware that our Newsletter fulfils a variety of roles. We use it to remind members of admin issues e.g. renewing memberships, speaking of which, you only have until the end of October! As with the Monthly Meeting it simply refreshes what you already know because you will have read about it in our booklet and/or found it on our website.

However, it is also a means of keeping you up to date with any developments that may have occurred e.g. new groups being formed and the latest Trips and Events. As you know, our Trips and Events are very popular and by tradition, come last on the Newsletter; this a cunning plan to entice you to read to the very end! However, we are now extending our Newsletter still further by including snippets from our many groups so members know what else has been going on. This new feature, Group Gossip, will now bring up the rear so if you usually go to the end first to find Trips and Events, they are still there, but just slightly higher up the batting order!

By the way, If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving this Newsletter, or no longer wish to receive Third Age Matters, please inform the Membership Secretary or reply to this Newsletter and we will remove your name from the circulation list.

Our website: https://u3asites.org.uk/odiham/home

Cross Barn Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 6th November: Fran Sandham - Solo walk across Africa

“The idea of crossing Africa on foot seemed already firmly established in many people’s minds as some exceptionally difficult feat. And yet how many people had actually done it? I decided to walk every step of the way from one coast of Africa to the other, completely alone: no backup, no support team, no one to make arrangements for me, no one to carry my gear, no sponsors, no funding, no film crew, no journalists, no fuss, no cheering crowds, and no strings attached. Above all, it had to be on a one-way ticket: no safety nets, no get-out clauses and nothing to fall back on ...”
Based on his critically acclaimed book Traversa, this talk comes highly recommended by other U3A Groups.

Groups News

Thank you to those members who have recently offered to step in and help run groups. This is vital in enabling existing groups to continue, new groups to form and really supports the ethos of the U3A - members learning with other members.

We now have about 10 people interested in the Short Walks Group. The next stage is to invite those members to meet together to decide how the group will work. Philip Nash, our New Groups Coordinator, will be in touch with all those who have expressed an interest so this can be arranged.

We are still hoping to run an IT group with a focus on how to get the best use from your computer, laptop, tablet, or iPad and we have a member who is prepared to lead this. If you are interested in doing more with your tablet or laptop, please email groups@odihamu3a.org.uk in the first instance.
If you would like to take part in, or try out any of our existing groups, please contact the group leader using the contact details in the information booklet first. Unfortunately some groups are full and others have a waiting list, or have restricted size due to the venue, so it’s important that this contact is made so the group leader can advise you.

If you are interested in any of the above, or have further ideas and would be willing to help organise a group, please contact Nicki Baker or Philip Nash on groups@odihamu3a.org.uk or 01256 704400


All of the planned upcoming trips are fully booked but we are operating a waiting list if you would like to put your name down.

Friday 13th December - Christmas concert at Winchester

Kathy and Sally can be contacted at trips@odihamu3a.org.uk as well as in the foyer at the monthly meetings.


Thursday November 14th - Fun Quiz evening in the Cross Barn. Come alone, or with friends, as teams can be made up on the night. We will provide you with a light supper and drinks will be available to purchase (cash or cheque please). The cost is £10 per person for an evening of light hearted quizzing.

Please arrive at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.

Liz and Pauline will have tickets in the foyer at the November meeting and can answer any queries, or you can email us events@odihamu3a.org.uk, or you can phone one of the numbers on Page11 of the U3A handbook.

Study Day

Cryptic Crosswords – What’s that all about?!
Would you like to learn how to solve cryptic crosswords? Me too, I have not got a clue!
We are running a half day course in Odiham, either end March or end April 2020. Our tutor will be Henry Howarth, an expert on this enjoyable pastime that exercises the brain. Henry has written books on the subject and lectures around the country including the London regional U3A summer school in June this year.

He comes highly recommended and the course should prove to be fun as well as getting us to think outside the box!
If you feel you would like to join us, please register your interest (that is all that is needed at this stage as I can book the venue and date when approx. numbers are known) by contacting me at:

Helensmith204@aol.com or 01256702885

I look forward to hearing from you!

Group Gossip

Exploring towns and villages group

Another year has begun…. September saw a successful visit for a guided tour around Salisbury with a U3A favourite, Andrew Negus. He again mixed interesting facts with humour. Just when you think you know a place, another layer of knowledge is added, something new is always learned. All our walking tours begin with a coffee before setting off on a new adventure and usually end with a lunch. The group absorbs and asks questions as we amble along behind our guide, stopping to view places of interest, occasionally taking photos. I have certainly learned how to look up and look beyond modern day facades to the much older buildings hiding behind

In October, by contrast we were in Overton, a place you often pass through to reach Whitchurch but it proved fascinating in its own right. Just driving through will never be the same again! To complete the year we will be visiting Camberley. A place, like many others, people think they know but like so many others, there are hidden depths. Our guide is to be the Senior Heritage Officer at Surrey Heath Museum

Our group has been to many places large and small, near and far, from Portsmouth to Odiham. Every tour is different with new and returning guides. Our outings offer a chance for people to meet and socialise with the additional bonus of gaining a greater knowledge of the many places we often take for granted.

If you are interested in this group, please check page 29, Exploring Towns & Villages in our booklet or look at our area on the website.

Viv Needham (Joint Group Leader)