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Dear Members,

Another April mini-newsletter! We're sending this one out today because we don't want you to miss a treat tomorrow evening! The National Theatre are providing free screenings of well-known plays via YouTube.

To quote the NT, 'Join us right here (sic You Tube) every Thursday at 7pm UK time for some of the best British theatre, free to stream for a week. Starting from 2 April with the online premiere of One Man, Two Guvnors'.

You may recall that Cross Barn had a showing of this back in October and it was extremely well received. The link below will take you to additional information about this opportunity including what will be showing during April and some guidance notes on how to find YouTube on your laptops, iPads and Smart TV etc.

Also, just in case you have not already heard (particularly those without Facebook), three places to shop! Full details can be found in 'Market etc.' our second link. You can also visit our Light Relief page to share the 'funnies' sent in by our members.

Friday Market

The Market will be in Odiham again on Friday morning unless InOdiham post otherwise.

Hardware Store
The store is going to open on Friday in coordination with the market.

Newlyns Farm Shop

Newlyns are now operating a "Call and Collect" service.