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Beacon u3a Beacon is a web-based management information system allowing local u3a's to manage their membership, groups and finances, and to facilitate communication with all members. All u3a data is co-hosted on the same server but effectively isolated from that of all others and meets u3a GPDR guidance.

The system is accessed through internet browsers on PCs, tablets or smartphones (Firefox and Chrome are the preferred browsers)


The Odiham District u3a's Members' Portal enables our members to view :

  • their personal details we hold for them and to correct and amend them as required.
  • a comprehensive List of Groups
  • a calendar of upcoming Meetings and Events

Please note, on entering the portal, members will have to identify themselves by entering their membership number; forename; surname; postcode and email address - they must be entered exactly as you registered in Beacon (or have updated most recently).
Please read these tips before attempting to Log in to Member's Portal
Beacon can be a bit 'fussy' and if you get anything wrong, it often doesn't tell you what, or even acknowledge your attempt has failed, it just clears all the fields so it looks like nothing happened - this can be frustrating - it's beyond our control, but we have tips below that may help you succeed.
1) Your Membership Number can be found on your new membership card
2) Enter your Forename and Surname in their respective fields: they should be exactly the same as printed on your new membership card and are case sensitive; so don't forget to capitalise the first letter
3) The Postcode field must have a space in the appropriate place
4) The e-mail address must be a valid format (e.g. with '@' and '.') and match what you previously supplied
5) Your browser must also have JavaScript enabled (it is by default), but if you have disabled it, that will be a problem (see https://enable-javascript.com/

If you are a member of Odiham District u3a, please use this link to enter our Members Portal

Help using the Beacon Members Portal can obtained by downloading Guidance notes or emailing the Beacon administrator using the button on the sidebar