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Beacon Members Portal Instructions

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The Beacon Members Portal login process is somewhat clumsy and finicky. All details entered need to exactly match the information held by the system and names are case sensitive.

The Portal Requirements are as follows …

Ø The Membership Number is as per your membership card (but if it includes a “/” then enter only the digits after the “/”).
Ø The Forename & Surname entries are case sensitive.
Ø The Postcode and E-mail entries are not case sensitive.
Ø The Postcode entry has to include the space of the Postcode.

One particular source of problems with the portal is autocorrect, most often when using an iPad or other tablets. Apart from possibly entering text that you did not expect, autocorrect can also add a blank at the end of an entry that is very easy to miss but which causes the portal to raise an error.

If the portal does raise an error then the form goes blank and you have to start all over again.

If you have any queries or difficulties with the portal then please contact