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At yesterdays meeting we have a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer as well a Business and membership secretary. Four other people agreed to join the committee and 8 people agreed to run various interest groups. It is with great pleasure we can announce that the North East Regions newest U3A will be Blyth. Inaugural meeting 20 March 2020 10.30 at the Rugby Club on Plessey Road. All welcome to show support.

Peter Chrichard, 31/12/2019

Next Meeting: Friday 7th of February
Venue is the Commissioners Quay at 10.30am.

These meetings are for those wishing to help in any capacity including general help, running interest groups and joining the steering committee in whatever capacity.

We do need a minimum of 8 people for a committee for the first year as well as volunteers for other roles.

We have a provisional venue for the launch meeting, inaugural meeting and future monthly meetings: Blyth Cricket and Rugby Club on Plessey Road. It has good bus links to the town centre and caters well for any disabled members, and most importantly has a kitchen we can use for refreshments:

Friday 21 February Launch Meeting venue Cricket and Rugby Club at 10.30am
Friday 20 March Inaugural Meeting venue Cricket and Rugby Club at 10.30am

Thereafter monthly on the third Friday of each month at 10.30 am venue as above.

We look forward to 2020 to the start of Blyth U3A wishing it to be the friendliest U3A in the North East of England.

Peter Chrichard and Mary Dunning, Third Age Trust Volunteers


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