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Founded in 1982, u3a is a UK-wide collection of locally-run interest groups that provide a wide range of opportunities to come together to learn for fun. People enjoy exploring new ideas, skills and activities together. There are 1,039 u3as with over 430,000 members; membership costs on average less than £20/year and is open to everyone who is no longer in full-time work.


We hope that you find useful and interesting information on this website. Please explore the different pages starting with the tabs (Members, Networks, Meetings, Events, etc) that can be seen at the top of each page. Remember to use your browser's back arrow to go back to the previous page, or click a new tab at the top of the page.

On the Members page you will find links to all the U3As in the region.
Where are the boundaries? Click here for a map of the region showing individual boundaries.


Coronavirus Covid-19

Information and Advice
The current u3a advice can be found here: u3a - Covid-19 advice on u3a activities



NHS Poster, view here: Vaccine Fraud

It will come as no surprise that fraudsters and scammers are making use of the Covid vaccination situation to try out some new scams. These can come as telephone calls, emails or text messages on your phone. Please remember the vaccinations are completely free. If anyone tries to charge for anything or get details about your bank account it is a scam.

----- This scam that is doing the rounds, it looks very believable and is therefore highly dangerous. It starts with a text message, seemingly from the NHS saying that you are now eligible to apply for the new vaccine and to click on the link to apply. The link takes you to a website, which looks genuine but isn’t. It asks the user to complete a form asking for the information including payment card details. This should automatically ring alarm bells. Please follow this advice: do NOT click on links in an unknown text.