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A New U3A in Cramlington

Cramlington and District U3A were today (13 April 2018) welcomed into Third Age Trust, at the Inaugural Meeting, by our regional trustee Elizabeth Porter.

Attending were well in excess of 70 people, which is remarkable considering the process for establishing a U3A was only started at the beginning of this year.

Communication with the U3A is through the secretary Christine Morris. I am sure the steering committee would appreciate messages of welcome and thanks for a job well done!

Peter Chrichard (Third Age Trust Volunteer) will give an updated report at our upcoming AGM on 25 April.


A Letter from your Regional Trustee, April 2018

As the winter reluctantly draws to a close, the North East region celebrates the creation of a new U3A, Cramlington and District. It was a real pleasure to attend the Inaugural Meeting of this new U3A and witness the eagerness with which the new Convenors recruited Interest group members. The new Committee will be supported throughout their first year by three of the Third Age Trust Volunteer team, who have guided them throughout the induction process.

With a team of ten Third Age Trust Volunteers, we have a structure in place to advise and support U3As across the region. The team had already completed its training on CREATING NEW U3As. They have now completed training with the Third Age Trust on PROBLEM SOLVING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

Two members of the team have been able to work in confidence with individual U3A Committees who were experiencing a range of problems, including attracting new members, amending a constitution, dealing with growth, designing publicity material, and Insurance issues.


As Regional Trustee I am planning delivery of several one-day “forums” for Committee representatives across the region, from the early Summer. The intention is to share good practice on a range of issues which the participants themselves will choose to discuss. It is hoped the first of two Forum Days will be in the north of Northumberland to enable U3As there to travel easily to the venue; and the second to be in the south of the region, near the border with Yorkshire. Dates and venues will be announced shortly.


As part of my national responsibilities I am chairing the National Research Sub Committee. We are putting together a three-year strategic plan for the Third Age Trust from a Research and Shared Learning Projects perspective. I am also working on a National Research Project which is looking at the impact on people of belonging to a U3A. It is intended to present the results at a meeting in the House of Commons in July.


I will attend my second National Conference in August on the Nottingham University campus and look forward to meeting the members from the North East U3As.

Elizabeth Porter
Regional Trustee, North East.


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Peter Barnett


Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group into the future structure of the Third Age Trust

Following the consultation process, which included a meeting in our region, the Working Group has produced a report with recommendations.

Read the latest report (April 2017) by clicking this link: Future Structure

Follow these links for more background information Governance and Pam Jones TAT