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Coronavirus Covid-19

NOTE: the information below is the National Guidance. Many parts of the North East are currently under more restrictive measures. Please ensure that you are following the correct local guidance.

The Third Age Trust has issued various pieces of guidance about Covid-19 and you can look at the documents by clicking the links below. These documents have been updated as circumstances change and updated documents may appear on the TAT website before they appear here.

Click here for Covid Advice 21 Sep
Note this document is 17 pages long but includes example checklists.

Covid-19 Checklist


In light of all U3As suspending all face-to-face activities for the foreseeable future, your Regional Committee has cancelled fees for the 2020 year.

Schools and Universities are operating remotely only and certain U3A interest groups, as well some shared learning projects, continue to function through electronic communication.

We welcome ideas and suggestions as to how we can function in the virtual world.



You can view the current and past Northumbria Messengers here: Messenger.


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