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We hope that you find useful and interesting information on this website. Please explore the different pages starting with the tabs (Members, Networks, Meetings, Events, etc) that can be seen at the top of each page.

On the Members page you will find links to all the U3As in the region. Where are the boundaries? Click here for a map, or see in the side bar or below.

You can view the current and past Northumbria Messengers here: Newsletter.

If you are unaware of the fairly recent system of Trust Volunteers and what they do then have a look at the Trust News page.

We have a very active research project that has published quite a lot of information, click 21st Century Northumbria Herbal

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If you wish to send in your own information please put simple text in an email using this contact website or request a 'real' email address in order to send attachments.


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The fuller explanation is:

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Peter Barnett