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Following the 2018 AGM, the Region now has a new Chairman and a new Committee. Details and photographs of the new members are on the Committee tab at the top of the webpage.

The strength of our Region is that, together, we provide a strong presence in the North East, therefore it is our objective in the coming months, to improve communication between your U3A and the Regional Committee. There is a dedicated team updating the Distribution system. We will add a special section on the website to ensure you can easily update contact details for your U3A, or suggest ideas to improve communication.

The Events sub committee have an exciting programme for the rest of the year. We have established a really good relationship with Durham University after our successful Energy day, and are working on other events on Art, Technology, and Social Media. The changes to Data Protection law are in the news at the moment and I’m sure many of us are unsure how it effects us individually and as a U3A organisation. We are working on arranging a few workshops across the region on this subject, as quickly as possible. There is some guidance on the National website, follow the link on the Focus On page. In addition, discussions are in progress for a Study Day in October on Greek History, Art and Culture. More details to follow. There are also a few other proposals that are under review. Please contact the Chair of the sub-committee, Mike Martin if you have any ideas for a future Regional event.

The Research sub committee have an active group of 12 U3As involved in producing a '21st Century Northumbria Herbal' publication (An Exploration of North East Traditional Plant Remedies) and a number of other research projects with Northumbria University. More information is on the Groups page. If you have any queries or ideas for Research projects please contact the chair of the Sub-committee, Gwen Dawe.

Regional Trust Volunteers are available in your area to assist with trouble shooting in your U3A, see the Trust News page for more details. Alternatively, you can contact the Region's Business Secretary Jane Mathieson with any queries.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at future meetings.

Anne Bothwell Regional Chairman


We hope that you find useful and interesting information on this website. If you wish to send in your own information please put simple text in an email using this contact website or request a 'real' email address in order to send attachments.

On the Members page you will find links to all the U3As in the region.


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