Northumbria Region U3A

Herbal Walks

This page contains several links to files that you can read in your browser or download to read or print later. To download, point your mouse at the link and then right-click to show "Save target as".

The "Walk" files are in pdf format and these should display OK in your browser:

Dilston Wear-Tees Coastal Wear-Tees Railway Line

The "Plant List" file is available in two different formats: an Excel spreadsheet and a pdf. The pdf should display OK in your browser but the Excel spreadsheet might display as indecipherable symbols. However, to get the most out of the information, you might like to work with the spreadsheet version in order to sort and display the data in different ways. Whichever version you use, please read or download the associated "Plant List Notes" for more information.

Plant List Notes Plant List pdf Plant List Spreadsheet

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