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Sandi Rickerby was elected by us in April 2019 as Regional Trustee to represent the NE Region on the Trust's board.
Find her latest Regional Trustee Report on Previous Regional Meetings page


Trust Volunteers and their Home U3As

P Chrichard Mo Brown
Peter Chrichard Mo Brown Mary Dunning
Cramlington Newcastle Whitley Bay
. Jill Haistead Pam Turner
Jane Mathieson Jill Haistead Pam Turner
Teesdale Seaham and District Morpeth


Team members have a range of skills developed in U3A groups and networks and in a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Their skills include negotiation, problem-solving, public relations, communication, governance, event management, policy formulation and implementation, volunteer recruitment and retention.

The team offers the region’s members information, advice, support and training around the expansion of existing U3As, creation of new U3As, problem-solving within new and existing U3As and delivery of workshops aimed at improving the running of U3As.

See above for individual trust volunteers in your area; contact them via email (by clicking on their name in the table) or contact the Regional Trustee, Sandi Rickerby


Northumbria Region U3A

Years ago, long before U3A ‘regions’ and ‘networks’, some local U3As in North East England recognised the immense value of living near, learning from and laughing with other local U3As. Northumbria Region U3A, a mutually supportive organisation was launched.

Today, we can be so very proud that those early ideas and plans are still being implemented and developed. Fifty two U3As across the North East and North Yorkshire continue to live, learn and laugh together.

Like all registered charities, Northumbria Region U3A is organised and managed by a committee of Trustees. I have been a Trustee of a huge range of small and large voluntary organisations and community groups for most of my adult life. It is one of the most satisfying volunteering roles that any individual can take.

Of course, being a Trustee can be challenging but, at an Annual General Meeting, there is nothing quite like the feeling of having succeeded in ensuring the survival, growth and development of a much needed and well-respected organisation.

So, what are the main roles which have to be undertaken by Trustees …
 ensure your charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
 comply with the law and the governing document of your charity
 act in the best interests of your charity
 responsibly manage the resources of your charity
 act with reasonable care and skill
 ensure that your charity complies with statutory accounting and reporting requirements.

Really, just the sort of things that any individual makes sure happens in the places where they live and work! In Northumbria Region U3A, currently, being a Trustee is really exciting. U3As are changing. Locally, more and different groups are being introduced. Nationally, membership continues to grow (both individuals and U3As). Internationally, U3A has achieved many successes and huge respect. What a great time to be involved!

If you want to know more about Northumbria Region U3A, contact Business Secretary Jane Mathieson

Kelvin Rushworth
Wooler U3A and Trust Volunteer