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The Trustee's and Development Sub-committee report given at the Regional Meeting in July can be seen by clicking here:
Trustees Report July


Trust Volunteers and their Home U3As

. Mo Brown
Peter Chrichard Mo Brown Mary Dunning
Ashington Newcastle Whitley Bay
Jill Haistead Jan Leach
Jill Haistead Janice Leach Jane Mathieson
Wearside Seaham and District Teesdale
Sandi Rickerby Kelvin Rushworth Pam Turner
Sandi Rickerby Kelvin Rushworth Pam Turner
Newcastle Wooler Morpeth


A fascinating mix of U3A members across the Northeast has stepped forward to join the new team of Trust Volunteers working with the Third Age Trust.

Individually and collectively, the team has many years of experience of planning training courses and of organisational development as well as expertise in interpreting constitutions and in a range of learning methods.

Team members have a range of skills developed in U3A groups and networks and in a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Their skills include negotiation, problem-solving, public relations, communication, governance, event management, policy formulation and implementation, volunteer recruitment and retention.

The team offers the region’s members information, advice, support and training around the expansion of existing U3As, creation of new U3As, problem-solving within new and existing U3As and delivery of workshops aimed at improving the running of U3As.

See above for individual trust volunteers in your area; contact them via email or contact the Regional Trustee, Elizabeth Porter


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Money Available for U3A Activities

Some U3As in the region will be considering how to grow their membership over the summer months.
There are two routes for gaining Trust funding towards your expenses:

(1) running an Open Day, where you hope to attract members of the public to join your U3A.
(2) having a stall at an exhibition or town/ village fair, advertising your U3A.

If you are planning either of these and would like help with the costs, please email me Elizabeth Porter for an application form. I would be delighted to help.

Elizabeth Porter, Regional Trustee, Northeast Region
May 2018


A Letter from your Regional Trustee, April 2018

As the winter reluctantly draws to a close, the North East region celebrates the creation of a new U3A, Cramlington and District. It was a real pleasure to attend the Inaugural Meeting of this new U3A and witness the eagerness with which the new Convenors recruited Interest group members. The new Committee will be supported throughout their first year by three of the Third Age Trust Volunteer team, who have guided them throughout the induction process.

With a team of ten Third Age Trust Volunteers, we have a structure in place to advise and support U3As across the region. The team had already completed its training on CREATING NEW U3As. They have now completed training with the Third Age Trust on PROBLEM SOLVING and CONFLICT RESOLUTION.

Two members of the team have been able to work in confidence with individual U3A Committees who were experiencing a range of problems, including attracting new members, amending a constitution, dealing with growth, designing publicity material, and Insurance issues.


As Regional Trustee I am planning delivery of several one-day “forums” for Committee representatives across the region, from the early Summer. The intention is to share good practice on a range of issues which the participants themselves will choose to discuss. It is hoped the first of two Forum Days will be in the north of Northumberland to enable U3As there to travel easily to the venue; and the second to be in the south of the region, near the border with Yorkshire. Dates and venues will be announced shortly.


As part of my national responsibilities I am chairing the National Research Sub Committee. We are putting together a three-year strategic plan for the Third Age Trust from a Research and Shared Learning Projects perspective. I am also working on a National Research Project which is looking at the impact on people of belonging to a U3A. It is intended to present the results at a meeting in the House of Commons in July.


I will attend my second National Conference in August on the Nottingham University campus and look forward to meeting the members from the North East U3As.

Elizabeth Porter