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Trust Volunteers are Here to Help

Trust logo Readers will appreciate that, currently, there are eight Trust Volunteers in our region ready and willing to help U3As with any issues of concern to their Trustees, Officers, Committees or members.

Already, during 2018, there have been twelve requests for information, advice and assistance on a range of issues. Usually, following a request, two Trust Volunteers with appropriate skills and knowledge, will have an informal discussion with the relevant local U3A member/s. Occasionally, the issue can be resolved there and then.

However, this informal discussion may lead to one or several longer and more formal meetings, maybe including other members, and the development of an agreed plan of action. The Trust Volunteers, as required, will assist in the implementation of this plan and offer ongoing contact and support, if seen to be appropriate.

Recent examples include …
Twotown U3A: financial matters, Threetown U3A: increasing membership, Sixtown U3A: website problems and development, Seventown U3A: range of constitutional issues, Ninetown U3A: devising GDPR guidelines for Group Leaders/Convenors; Eleventown U3A: advice on safeguarding.

Initially, U3As wanting any kind of advice or assistance can email Elizabeth Porter, Regional Trustee, or any of the Trust Volunteers by clicking their name, listed below on this page.

Kelvin Rushworth (Wooler U3A) - Trust Volunteer, October 2018


Planned Regional Workshops 2019

. pic for Good News . pic for Chairs wkshop .

Two workshops have been asked for by U3A members and will be held this year
More detail and signing up forms on Events page


Regional Trustee's report, given at the last quarterly Regional Meeting, can be seen by clicking here:
RT Report Jan 2019


Trust Volunteers and their Home U3As

. Mo Brown Jill Haistead
Peter Chrichard Mo Brown Mary Dunning Jill Haistead
Ashington Newcastle Whitley Bay Wearside
. Sandi Rickerby Kelvin Rushworth Pam Turner
Jane Mathieson Sandi Rickerby Kelvin Rushworth Pam Turner
Teesdale Newcastle Wooler Morpeth


Team members have a range of skills developed in U3A groups and networks and in a variety of public, private and voluntary sector organisations. Their skills include negotiation, problem-solving, public relations, communication, governance, event management, policy formulation and implementation, volunteer recruitment and retention.

The team offers the region’s members information, advice, support and training around the expansion of existing U3As, creation of new U3As, problem-solving within new and existing U3As and delivery of workshops aimed at improving the running of U3As.

See above for individual trust volunteers in your area; contact them via email (by clicking on their name in the table) or contact the Regional Trustee, Elizabeth Porter