Northumbria Region U3A


Networks have been part of the U3A structure for a long time but their number and significance has been increasing over the last few years. In some other regions Networks are so big and important that they have separate constitutions and their own web-sites. This hasn't happened in our region yet, so this website is a place where our Networks can promote themselves and exchange information.

If you know of a network not mentioned below then please let us know about it. To start with, send an email using this link website

The following is an extract from the "Findings and Recommendations of the Working Group into the future structure of the Third Age Trust" (read the full document here: Future Structure).

Networks see themselves as informal groupings that wish to continue growing organically, albeit with additional Trust funding. Although they are de facto part of the Trust's structure, there is limited support for becoming a formal part of its governance. However, there is a desire for stronger two-way communication links with the Trust.


Networks in Northumbria Region

Our Networks are not all the same. Some are made up of Chairs or Treasurers of U3As, others have a different representative from each U3A. Some focus on sharing information and problem solving; some on enabling members to join groups in other U3As; while at least one organises events involving all U3As in the network.

If you are interested in the work of the network near your U3A, the contact details are as follows:

Network Contact
Northumbria Region U3A Treasurers Catherine Stevenson
Northumbria Region U3A Business Secretaries Catherine Stevenson
NEW Northumbria Region U3A Groups Co-ordinators Mo Brown
South Durham Chairs Frank Forster
South Northumberland Chairmen Catherine Stevenson
North Northumberland Network Martin Rowell
Wessington, Washington, Houghton, Cestria, Washington Village Margaret Welsh*
Border Link Kate Swan

. * Note that the Wessington etc. Network is informal and does not have a chairman


The following information is shown in the order in which it was posted on this website, most recent at the top.


Northumbria Region U3A Groups Co-ordinators

This is the latest network to be formed in our Region and they held their first meeting on 12 November.

They will be working on providing information to Group Leaders/Convenors as a single page of information with the briefest of recommendations about Safeguarding, GDPR and Finances.

To join the network or for more information contact Mo Brown


North Northumberland Network

This network includes Alnwick, Berwick, Coquetdale and Wooler U3As.

To see some more information about this website please click here: NNN information

Kelvin Rushworth, 31/10/18


Northumbria Region U3A Business Secretaries’ Network

The Business Secretaries’ Network held its first meeting on Monday 10th September. We had 5 Business Secretaries attend. Others could not attend but will try to do so at future meetings. We established several basic points, had good, varied discussions and got to know each other and a little about each member’s U3A.
Read the meeting summary here: BS Sept 18

Look out for dates of future meetings and news! Don’t miss out!

Catherine Stevenson, 10/9/18


S.E. Northumbria U3A Chairmen’s Network

The SE Northumbria U3A Chairs’ Network is also open to any Chair and/or vice Chair who would like to attend. Next meeting is Monday 14th January 2019 at 1p.m in the Snowy Owl, Cramlington.

If you would like to attend one of these Networks’ meetings, please contact Catherine Stevenson at Newcastle U3A. We can all learn together!!
There’s always lots to discuss in good company! We look forward to seeing you there.

Catherine Stevenson


Northumbria Region U3A Treasurers'

Previously Mid Northumberland Treasurers, the network now invites any regional treasurer to attend. The Treasurers’ Network is open to any Treasurer who would like to join us. Next meeting date will be in March 2019.

At the latest Treasurers’ Network meeting on June 7th, we discussed the most recent information about the GDPR which included e.g. Gift Aid, contracts and accountability. Why not join us at the next meeting on September 20th?

Information about this network's meetings and newsletter can be seen by clicking the links in the side-bar.

The information in the Charity Commission document (link in the sidebar) might be of interest to any U3A that is individually registered.

For more information about this network contact Catherine Stevenson


South Durham Chair Networking Group (SDCNG)

The SDCNG meets about once a quarter in the Dun Cow Pub in Durham (nice coffee and mints).
Discussion is free ranging; topics have included good practice, concerns, points of interest, working together in a group activity etc.
Group members do not have to be chair of their U3As, although this is preferable.
If you would like to know more contact the Group Facilitator: Frank Forster