Northumbria Region U3A

Bird Watching

Northumbria U3A Bird Watching Group

This group has not met formally for some time. However, there is probably still interest within the Northumbria Region. If you would like to help run the group or add information to this website then please click on the link to send an email.


The idea of a regional group arose in 1999 to cater for U3As which did not have sufficient members interested in bird watching to form a viable group. We started with half and whole day outings in various parts of Northumbria each month, to which members from any U3A were welcome to attend. We have occasionally been joined by members from other parts of the country.

After a while we started having trips away involving overnight stays to South West Scotland, Lancashire, Mull, New Forest, East Anglia, Devon and Somerset.

In 2007 we ventured abroad for the first time to Majorca and since then we have visited other areas of Spain, including Andalucia, Extramadura, and the Pyrenees. We have also visited Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and the island of Lesvos near the Turkish coast.

The leadership is shared among several people and the group would not function without car owners offering people lifts and others arranging meals out, booking accommodation etc. We do not ignore other branches of wildlife and some have expertise in Botany, Entomology etc.

Over a dozen U3As have joined our outings, and we would welcome more.

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