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Some of our u3as have invited members of other u3as to join their Zoom meetings:

Whickham & District



After a break in 2020, this competition will run again in 2021. However, the timing has been changed from that previously advertised.

The deadline for entries is now 27th September 2021.

The competition is for teams of FOUR (with two reserves) and a limit of ONE team per U3A.
The Format will be similar to previous years.
The winners will have the choice of a free week’s holiday for four in Europe or £240.00 cash to be shared by the team or given to their U3A or given to a charity of the team’s choice.

Jeff Armstrong, 1/2/21

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Communications, Press and Influencing
Anyone involved in organising events or activities that require publicity or communications outside U3A might like to have a look at this guide. It is a lengthy document so it has been split into 3 parts::

Communications 1 Communications 2 Communications 3


Shared Learning Projects now appear on the Research page.

Regional Meetings have their own separate page.

21st Century Northumbria Herbal also has its own page.

External Events shows events at regional universities that are open to the public.

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