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News Extra July 2020
Message from the Regional Trustee
Dear members,
Following many queries about AGMs, subscriptions and starting interest groups I am repeating here the basic advice I have given before.

Because of Charity Law, you cannot defer your AGM indefinitely while waiting for physical meetings to begin unless there is NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE. The Charity Commission has offered such an alternative which we are expected to consider carefully. National Office contacted CC this morning (July 16th) to confirm that this advice was still valid. Although this mentioned holding a meeting on Zoom there are simple ways to conduct the process. If you need advice, and examples of successful AGMs, please contact me.

If U3As decide to reduce their subscriptions this decision is the committee’s but please check your constitution carefully to see if there are any requirements for the decision to be brought to the members. The advice is not to cancel completely as there will be costs incurred next year when the subscription to the Trust is due.
TAT cannot cancel or reduce this as there are many ongoing costs. Although we appear to have a healthy reserve, this is in line with recommendations. It will be needed to offset a probable reduction in membership subscriptions from U3As where members have not renewed as well as the cost of insurances renewals and other outgoings which support the movement.
Please note that the proposed increase of 50p will be brought to the national AGM this year and if passed will not be implemented until 2022.
Starting Interest groups.
As some of our interest groups are now beginning to meet, especially the active groups, please check that you are operating within the government guidelines and consider the advice on risk assessment on the National website.

Dear members,
I do hope that you are well and are managing to enjoy some aspects of our newly found freedom from lockdown. However, we are still dependent on digital applications to stay in touch and continue to develop our ideas on how we can learn and laugh together.
We continue to try to improve our website to support the many wonderful activities that we hear about. We have changed the heading on one of the tabs from 'speakers' to 'resources' so that it is a more accurate reflection of what we are developing. The list of speakers is still there but other resources have been added and we hope that this will continue.
Thank you to those U3As who have registered a voting delegate for our AGM on 1st September. The documentation and voting paper will be sent to that member, The deadline for the voting delegate to register was 21st July. It was also the deadline for submitting a resolution or a nomination for a place on the committee. We would welcome new committee members so please contact me if you are interested. It will be possible to register to attend the AGM after this date and receive the AGM documentation. All the information about the AGM is on our website under the events section,
Wishing you a happy summer,
Best wishes,
01744 895515

This was originally planned for July 30th but has now been postponed until August 20th.
Discussions will focus on Trustee Induction, AGMs and committee roles and responsibilities, venue size and restarting groups.
Depending on the number of participants, breakout groups might be possible.
Registration is available on the events page of the regional website.

Monthly meetings
A few groups are now planning to hold their monthly meetings on Zoom or similar video conferencing sites. The NW website now has a resources page where you will find names of people willing to give talks. This list is growing and we are always looking for recommendations so please let us know if you find someone willing to offer a presentation.

Interest groups
Zoom is also proving popular with Interest groups and I continue to get interesting information. Thank you to those groups who have shared their newsletter with me and to the excellent people who create them. I will be looking for items to put into the next full newsletter, hopefully in August, as well items which might be shared in the national newsletter, so please keep sending me your inspirational stories.

Included or excluded?
Some people are complaining that holding online meetings and activities will exclude those people who can’t (or won’t) use digital technology. However, other people are saying they feel more included because they can overcome disabilities more easily and are able to participate, whereas they used to find the physical meetings difficult.
There is no complete solution other than providing a video link to physical meetings so that everyone can attend.
I would welcome your comments.

National Office and the Trust
A message was sent to all U3A committees recently with a supporting statement to explain the reason for the proposed increase in national subscriptions and how the financial resources of the Trust are used.
You can ask to see the full statement by contacting your committee but I thought you might be interested in the following statistic.
The Trust has operated on limited resources during the last decade. Specialist staff are needed to provide the membership with a quality service in a diverse and complex range of areas. The National Office consists of a few full-time and some part-time staff . Currently, there are 440,000 U3A members supported by the equivalent of 17 full-time staff. This is a member to staff ratio of 25,882 to 1. Similar organisations have a member to staff ratio of around 2,500 to 1.

Future articles
Your ideas and contributions for future newsletters are always welcome. Please keep in touch.
Learn, Laugh, Live with U3A – we’re definitely not going away!

This was originally planned for July 30th but has now been postponed until August 20th.
Discussions will focus on Trustee Induction, AGMs and committee roles and responsibilities, venue size and restarting groups. Depending on the number of participants, breakout groups might be possible.
Register here book committee forum

Staying in Touch: National Coronavirus advice
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Check what U3As round the region are doing to stay active and engaged under Our activities during lockdown

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