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Some of this information from past projects and events may be of interest to your u3a and inspire more local activities.
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Newsletter 62

Newsletter 63


Message from the Trustee
Dear Members,
I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and were able to take advantage of the sunny, albeit cold, weather.
Member Link
I am grateful for the sterling work of our regional team. They have been busy contacting all of our u3as to offer support and help to begin reopening after such a long period. When we started, we had 29 of our 101 u3as that had not completed the survey or were hibernating or we had no contact with them. We have now made contact with almost all of our u3as. A number of u3as are now asking about guidance for re-opening and restarting groups. There are lots of retention and recruitment “How to” guides on the national website with more appearing almost daily (see Recruitment Archives - u3a Sources ). More information about Member Link is on the national website at u3a - Member Link

u3a Day
As I am sure you are all aware, u3a Day is on Wednesday 2nd June. I hope that your u3a is preparing to make this a great celebration and create lots of publicity for the u3a movement. Thank you to those of you who have completed our questionnaire about your plans for u3a Day.
We know that we will not be back to all meeting together again, but there are still lots of things we can do. Please see u3a - u3a Day There are also lots of ideas from other u3as posted on our u3a Day Facebook page at (3) u3a Day | Facebook

Model Constitution Workshop
I am pleased to announce that our CEO, Sam Mauger, will be explaining the new model constitution at an online workshop on Tuesday 18th May from 09:30am. A great opportunity to ask Sam any questions that you may have about the constitution. You can book at the Events page of the North West Region website North West Region : Events (

PR Adviser
Our regional PR Adviser, Theresa Rogers, has been gathering newsworthy stories from our u3as including Mawdesley Villages u3a’s success in keeping functioning during lockdown and Heswall u3a’s ukulele group activities. If you hear of any good news stories from your u3as please tell Theresa. There should be some really great stories arising from u3a Day. Theresa has successfully made contact with both Cheshire and Lancashire Life magazines and hopes to place good u3a stories with them. Theresa can be contacted at

We are looking for someone with social media skills, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help u3as increase their social media presence. If you know of any likely candidates to be our Regional Social Media Adviser, please do let me know.
Best wishes

Neil Stevenson
North West of England Trustee
Telephone 07595 233163

Message from the Chair
Dear Members,
Happy Spring Time! I hope that many of our members are enjoying some of the outdoor opportunities and meeting more people. There are still many digital experiences on offer through the u3a website, your own u3a and others for those who want to take advantage. We are hearing about u3as in our region who are ‘Keeping in Touch’ with their members through a variety of ways too. If you want to share how this happens in your u3a, please let us know and we will post some of them on the website.
The North West Region has held three more ‘Tuesday Talks’ since the New Year. It has been rewarding to receive the many appreciative comments made by our members both within our region and beyond and our thanks go to everyone who has presented. On 13th April, Gill Russell is giving a presentation on Japanese Culture which will be the last one in this series of talks. It was at the request of our members that we continued the Zoom training and this will continue for a little longer with the next session on May 5th. This, and Gill’s talk, can be booked via our NW u3a website in the Events section.
There are several National Committees working on various aspects of the u3a, one of these being Diversity and Inclusion. We were delighted that members of this team held a session for us in February that was well received.
We have re- launched the ‘My Street’ project that asks you to take part in displaying a local feature through pictorial and written work. The submissions provided so far have enabled us to update the welcome page and they can be seen in the News section. Thank you to those members who have provided us with this material. The details about the project can be found in the Newsletter, the NW website or through your own u3a. I do hope that you or a small group can take part in this venture.
As one of our speakers said – ‘keep u3aing’!
With all good wishes,
Mo Eccles, Chair of NWR of u3as

My Street Leaflet

A recent joint collaboration between Huyton and Halewood U3A commemorated the end of WW1 and the peace to come. To read an article on the event, click WW1 article.