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Guide to web browsers

Web browsers: a simple guide

The program that lets you get onto the internet is called a web browser.
These have different brand names, a few being:

Internet ExplorerEdgeChromeFirefoxSafariOperaDuckduckgo Opera

In addition Samsung smartphones have their own branded web browser.
Can you spot the logo of the web browser you are using right now to look at this page?

You do not have to use the browser that came with your device when you bought it. You can download and install any browser but some may not work on certain operating systems eg Safari may not work well on a Windows laptop as it is designed for Apple devices.

You do not have to tolerate having adverts annoying you online. You can find Adblocker programs that work with browser you are using. Look under the ‘settings’ icon for your browser.

Firefox has an add-on that prevents Facebook from tracking your data (‘Facebook Container’). This may be available in other browser add-on sections.

Most browsers now also prompt you to create an account. You do not have to do this.

Some web browsers provide useful tools. eg Google has a whole suite of free office-type applications that enable you to do all types 'office' documents. See section on 'Google Docs'.

Internet explorer Microsoft Edge Opera