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Writers Group (proposed group)
‘This is a group for aspiring writers.
A place where you can develop your skills, and have fun too.
We will look at writing short stories, novels and plays.
The group will be led by me, Stephanie Hojin.

I am a teacher and published author. I've lived in the UK, France, America and Japan where I worked for an advertising company and was a copywriter. I have been published by the BBC, and won the Gloucestershire annual competition a few years ago. Also, my short stories have been published in ‘Hillside voices’, a registered charity for Sue Ryder. I'm a member of The Everyman Theatre writer's group, where we develop our playwriting skills.

I aim to help develop people's style, give them confidence, and have fun together.
So, let's begin!
If you are interested, my telephone number is 07484773452.’