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This Page is in the process of development at a future date other items of interest will be added together with the option to renew your subscriptions on line .

1 - Membership Annual renewal form for a full year running from the 1st September.

2 - Check or Update your Personal Details (Members of the North Cotswold U3A only).

3 - Data Protection Policy access via the link on this page.

4 - Help with basic computing techniques access the guides via the link on this page.

5 - Online education courses – enjoy free online courses from top universities and specialist organisations. Online learning offers a new way to explore subjects you’re passionate about. Run under the auspices of the Open University.


To access the Membership renewal form click on the link above

To access your Personal Details click on the Personal Details link above (in item 2) Note you will need to enter your membership number and last name. Your last name must be entered exactly as it appears on your membership card, including any spaces, apostrophes or hyphens.

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