Meeting 2019 10

Notes taken at the General Meeting Tuesday 8th October 2019 held at the Lane Theatre, Newquay

Present at the Meeting: 72 (including 4 new members)

1) Welcome: Gret introduced herself as the Chairman, pointed out the fire exits and asked people to make sure their handbags were tucked out of the way and their phones were switched off or on silent. She then introduced the speaker, Brian Freeland.

2) Brian Freeland: George Bernard Shaw “Playing the Clown” First of all Brian introduced himself and told us a little bit about how he came to be doing what he was doing. He then went on to tell us about George Bernard Shaw’s life, interspersing his talk with GBS impressions. His talk, combined with his talented performance, was extremely interesting and amusing. Brian's latest book, his third, called "Searching for my Tambourine" was on sale after the meeting in the foyer, where there was a queue of people eager to see, and hopefully buy, his book.

3) Apologies: Judith Holroyd.

4) Minutes of the General Meeting held on 10th September 2019 were approved and signed as a correct record by the Chairman. Copies were available for perusal on the notice board.

5) Matters arising: No matters were raised.

6) Chairman’s Report:

  • 1) Gret reminded us about the Post Xmas Lunch at the Atlantic Hotel with 3 courses at £21.95 and 2 courses at £18.50, both including coffee afterwards. She said there would be more details about it soon.
  • 2) Gret then reminded us that our December meeting would consist of entertainment provided by groups or individual members of U3A. Ideas will be discussed at the Group Leaders Meeting. Pauline Scotting, who has been performing in “Ladies in Lavender” at the Lane Theatre, might organise something, and anyone else in U3A is welcome to suggest other ideas.

7) Treasurer’s Report:

Current Bank Balance as at 30/09/2019
(Includes £446.38 Gift Aid)£8,062.20
Minimum reserve £1,500.00


Current Income for Year£6,312.69
(Includes £446.38 Gift Aid)
Estimated Expenditure for Year£5,000.00
Petty Cash£25.00
Estimated surplus£4,341.09
  • a) On-line banking: Vic told us that our on-line banking is now set up, allowing dual authorisation within the next few days.
  • b) Estimated Expenditure. The estimated expenditure may need to be changed to £6,000. As for the surplus funds, free tea and coffee is now being provided and the money could also be used to buy equipment for groups who need it.
  • c) Diaries: Vic mentioned that the 2020 U3A Diaries have now arrived, some of which have been bought by members of the committee. There are 11 left @ £2.75, available to be purchased from him after the meeting.
  • d) Bird Watching Group: Vic announced that the inaugural meeting for the Bird Watching Group that he is organising will be on Wednesday November 6th at Hayle Estuary RSPB, transport by car share.

8) Membership Secretary’s Report:

  • a) We currently have 222 fully paid up members, 72 of whom are present at the General Meeting, including 4 new members.
  • b) 2018/2019 members who have not yet paid their subscriptions for 2019/2020 have been removed from the database and are no longer considered to be U3A members. They will need to rejoin if they want to attend any U3A Group events. A list of those members has been sent to the Group Leaders.

9) Website Coodinator’s Report:

  • a) Website Calendar Page: On Valerie’s behalf John asked if everyone is aware of the useful Calendar page on the website This is kept up to date as and when any event changes or is cancelled, provided Group Leaders notify Valerie Tams of any changes to their Group Events.
  • b) Facebook: Regular postings about some of our recent events are on our Facebook page but we would be grateful for more photos from other events. Please send to Valerie Tams or David Stevens, who now has access to add items to our Facebook page.

10) Acknowledgement: Gret explained that the usual Lane Theatre members of staff, Ann and Roger, were away and thanked Paul for his help with the lighting in the theatre and for sorting things out for Brian Freeland.

11) Group Coordinator’s Report:

  • a) Powerpoint Presentation. David Stevens apologised for not providing a presentation of photographs of our group activities beforehand, due to problems with Windows 10. Although he will not be present at the meeting next month he hopes that there will be a slideshow provided by John, if people send their photos to him.
  • b) Poetry Group: David announced on Alison’s behalf that the Poetry Group would now only be meeting once a month instead of twice. The next few meetings will therefore be October 24th, November 21st and December 19th.
  • c) Group Leaders Meeting: This will be next Tuesday and David asked that Group Leaders should let him know if they cannot attend as soon as possible, so that the food that will be provided for the buffet will not be wasted.
  • d) New Group: David said there had been a suggestion that we form a new group to encourage more men, a Pub Visits Group, where people can play pub games such as darts, snooker, dominoes or cards. The sign up list for the group will be up next month, with the first meeting held in December.

12) Interest Groups:

  • Garden Appreciation Group:
  • i) Next visit is October 22nd to Prideaux Place in Padstow, with a House Tour at 11:30am at £10 each. Margaret L said that the minibus was not available for the visit due to the fact that the usual driver was still recuperating from his operation. Transport will be by car-share and bus: A5 at 8:55am arriving Padstow at 10:22. Margaret advised us to get off the bus at the top car park and walk down, rather than at the station and walk up. Bus back to Newquay would be 3:35pm or 5:35pm. Meet at the tea shop at 11am and it would help if lunch is pre-booked.
  • ii) The Christmas Meal will be on 12th December at the Bay Tree in Goonhavern Garden Centre. The menu and sign up list will be at the next meeting, and a £5 deposit and menu choice will be required. Email Margaret for a copy of the menu.

13) Any Other Business: Gret announced that a speaker from the Hall for Cornwall has been booked for January 2020 meeting instead of what was previously advertised.

14) Next General Meeting: Tuesday 12th November 10:15am for 11:00am at the Lane Theatre.
The speaker will be Richard Peirce, Author and Conservationist of Lions, Elephants and Sharks. Refreshments 10:15am to 10:45am.