Meeting 2019 01

Record of the General Meeting at the Lane Theatre

Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 11am

The Chairman, Gret Woodason, welcomed everyone then went through the Health & Safety/Fire notices before welcoming and introducing the visiting speaker, Adam Pearson from Newquay Hypnotherapy. Adam started his talk entitled “Use your Brain,” exploring how our brains work and how to get more out of them. In this instance USE stands for Understand, See and Enjoy, which Adam took us through step by step using diagrams he drew on a whiteboard. In the first section Adam drew a brain and explained in layman’s terms what each section’s functions were. He demonstrated how we store stressful and negative thoughts in a “bucket” in the brain, which needs emptying during sleep, to enable us to deal with life more calmly and positively. His advice on how to banish worrying thoughts that keep us awake at night was to think about three good things that have happened during the day, or to visualise yourself in a nice peaceful place.

Adam then asked us to talk to our neighbour about our dreams for a few minutes. The final section of his talk was advice on how to enjoy our brains, advising us to be interactive, active and think pleasant and positive thoughts. It was an interesting talk and several questions were asked by our members at the end. Gret thanked Adam and the members showed their appreciation in the usual way. Adam stayed for the business meeting so that members could talk to him after the meeting. Members appreciated this.

1. Apologies were from Janet Wilkins and Chris Bramhall.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 11th December 2018 were signed off and available on the notice board.

3. Matters Arising:

• The Post-Christmas Lunch held on 4th January was a success and members had expressed their appreciation. Gret asked for a show of hands as to who had been there. She requested that if there were any comments or suggestions, they should be put in the suggestions box.
• 2019 Diaries are still available at £2.50.

4. Chairman’s Report. Nothing to report

5. Secretary’s Report. Nothing to report.

6. Treasurer’s Report.

Current Income for Year (as at 31/12/2018) £3,934
Estimated Expenditure for Year £3,000
Petty Cash £137
Refreshment Fund £135

Dave reminded us that we will need a new Treasurer from the start of our financial year when his term comes to an end.

7. Groups’ Coordinator: Margaret H said that she had reorganised the fortnightly meetings of the Social Group to Thursday 10th and Thursday 24th at the Heron Centre Courtside Cafe from 11am. This was to avoid the Silver Screen Thursdays at the cinema. Margaret reminded us that a new Groups Coordinator is also needed from the start of the new financial year.

8. Garden Appreciation Group: Margaret L announced that everyone was invited to the next two meetings:- 22nd January from 2pm: Beetle Drive at the Quintrell Inn and 19th February: Quiz at Newquay Garden Centre in Quintrell Downs.

26th March the garden visit will be to the Pinetum at St Austell. The sign-up list will be available at the next meeting. To get an idea of numbers of people interested, there are preliminary sign up lists in reception for trips to Hampton Court Flower Show in July and Bridgwater Carnival in November. 20 seats have provisionally been booked with Williams Coaches for each trip. The Hampton Court Trip will be for two nights, the Bridgwater Carnival will be for one night. The Bridgwater Carnival price includes an undercover grandstand seat.

9. Membership Secretary: Shirley announced that there were 79 members present at the meeting and two visitors. She also asked that, if anyone knew of any member who would be celebrating a special birthday this year, or of any member who was seriously ill, they should inform her so that a card could be sent. She reminded us that there were still people who had not signed their GDPR forms and that there was a list of those members in reception for people to check if they had or not.

10. Creative Writing Group: Gret announced that Creative Writing, which was down on the Events Sheet as being at her house next Monday 14th Jan, was actually being held at the Lanherne from 2:30pm as she was away.

11. Sheilah Terry said that her last walk had been rained off, but that they had a successful meeting making Christmas Decorations at the Lanherne. She announced that there would be a Cornish Dancing taster Day on January 28th at St Columb Minor W.I.

12. Other Miscellaneous Social Activities:-

  • Silver Screen: Thursday 17th January – “The Favourite” starring Olivia Colman.
  • Simon Weston CBE: Saturday 23rd February 7:30pm at the Lane Theatre £18

13. Date and time of Next General Meeting: Tuesday 12th February 10.30am for 11.00am. Speaker will be someone from Cornwall Blood Bikes.