Meeting 2018 12

Notes from the General Meeting at the Lane Theatre

Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 11.00 am

The Committee arrived early to set up tables for our Xmas Social Gathering. Luckily there had been a “Winter Wonderland” in the Lane Theatre in the few weeks prior to our meeting, so there were dozens of decorated Xmas trees and other decorations still in the Green Room. Newquay U3A members were each given a raffle ticket when they signed in, ready for “Stand Up Bingo”. Members then gathered in the Green Room for a chat over free refreshments: tea, coffee, sausage rolls, mince pies, luxury biscuits, shortbread and a selection of gluten free biscuits. Meanwhile, one of our new members, John Mankelow, went around the tables and individuals performing his clever magic tricks. At 11am we moved into the auditorium for our short Business Meeting to be followed by entertainment.

1. Welcome: Gret Woodason (Chairman) welcomed all members then announced that David Stevens was here to do “Stand Up Bingo” for us, as he did last year. She also thanked John Mankelow for entertaining everyone around the tables beforehand with his magic tricks and told us that we would be seeing more of them in the future.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 13th November 2018 were signed off and available on the notice board.

3. Chairman’s Report:

• December Newsletter. Gret announced that the December Newsletter, with an insert of puzzles, was available at the meeting.
• Third Age Matters. Gret announced that there were some copies of the U3A Magazine (TAM) available at the meeting for new members and for those people who had never seen the magazine before.
• Membership Numbers. Gret was pleased to say that Newquay membership continues to grow. We had 222 members last Xmas and we currently have 232. A new member even joined today.
• Recent New Groups. Gret reminded everyone that we had three new groups that have started in the last few months: Creative Writing, Nature Study Saunter and Games Afternoons.
• Post Xmas Lunch. Gret reminded everyone about the post Xmas lunch to be held at Sandy Lodge on Friday January 4th from 12 noon.
• Acknowledgements. Gret gave thanks to the staff for the use of the Lane Theatre and especially to Ann who comes early to open up for us.

4. Groups Reports:

• Longer Walking Group: Margaret L thanked the organisers, Janet and her husband, and presented Janet with a gift to acknowledge all their hard work organising the walks. She explained that Janet and her husband always did the walk beforehand to check that conditions were suitable. Janet announced that they usually try to do circular walks but the next one would be linear.

• Antiques Group: Margaret H announced that the next Antiques Group meeting on 17th would start at 10:15am, not at 10:30am as stated on the Events Sheet and the theme will be “Christmas Past.”

• Xmas Week Activities: Margaret H also announced that there would be a Boxing Day Walk and a Games Afternoon at the Lanherne on Thursday 27th for those people who were not involved in family events.

• Sheila Terry told us about the success of the Cornish Dancers at Lowender Perran, and said that the group had also been to see the Padstow lights. Her Family History group is doing well at the library, using “Find my past” on-line genealogy service. Gret thanked Sheila for her work for Newquay U3A and for her and her team’s work serving tea and coffee at our General Meetings.

5. Other Miscellaneous Social Activities:-

• Silver Screen: Thursday 13th December is “First Man” about Neil Armstrong and the events leading to the moon landing in 1969.
• Lane Theatre: “Sleeping Beauty” on Friday 14th December at 2:30pm. There are still seats available.
• Concert at St Michael’s Church: Friday 14th December at 7:30pm. Nqy & Mt Charles Band + In Tune Ladies
• Carols by Candlelight at St Michael’s Church: Friday 21st December at 7:00pm

6. Date and time of Next General Meeting: Tuesday 8th January 10.30am for 11.00am. Speaker will be Adam Pearson, a Hypnotherapist from Newquay.

7. Christmas Social Entertainment The next part of the December meeting was our Christmas Social with entertainment provided by members and groups from within Newquay U3A.

  • 1) Community Sing Song: led by Jenny Barnes from the Singing for Fun Group. Words were displayed on the screen while we sang “Winter Wonderland” and “Jingle Bells”
  • 2) “Stand Up Bingo”: organised by David Stevens who used to be a member and will hopefully rejoin next year. The winner was Sara.
  • 3) Poetry Group Readings:
  • Alison read an amusing piece of prose written by Dylan Thomas, describing a child’s Christmas in Wales.
  • Shirley read “Innocent’s Song” by Charles Causley followed by “Chair Boy” by Peter Dixon.
  • Joy read “A Visit from St Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore.
  • 4) Creative Writing Group Reading: Gret read a fairy story she had written for her Creative Writing homework from the given first line: “She sat on the lily pad trying to reverse the spell.”
  • 5) “Stand Up Bingo”: Another round organised by David Stevens, which was won by Sylvia.
  • 6) Gret and John had the audience in fits of laughter while they performed an amusing song originally by a folk band called the Yetties: “The Muckspreader” or “Fling it here, fling it there.”
  • 7) John then told us a joke story relating to a misunderstanding about the initials W.C. and the subsequent letter received after an enquiry had been made as to the whereabouts of one.
  • 8) Community Carols: again led by Jenny B from the Singing for Fun Group. Words were displayed on the screen while we all sang.