1811 November Writing Themes

Nothing is compulsory in our Creative Writing Group, you can write what you like. However, for those who need inspiration, at our meeting in November we decided to try writing the following to read out at our next meeting:-

• Story prompt 452 First line prompt: "They couldn't believe their father was actually going to marry this ......"
As many words as you like.
• Write a story using as many words beginning with the letter "s" as possible.
• Mary & Barry part 3: Write the next part of the Round Robin stories we wrote in the last few months. Leave it open to continue next month, or just finish it off.

• Write a report or an article for the Website.
What Newquay U3A means to me
What I've done with Newquay U3A
Where I've been with Newquay U3A


Subject: November. Poetry type: Acrostic poem using Alliteration
Acrostic: The first letters of each line spell out the word or phrase of the title.
Alliteration: The same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words.


Useful website for finding words to rhyme, synonyms, antonyms, descriptive words and phrases etc:
Useful website for creative writing tips, including weekly story prompts and Wednesday poetry prompts:
Don't forget to try the November Poem-a-Day Challenge (November PAD) prompts from You don't have to join the Forum, just have a look at the daily poetry prompts and see what you can do with them.