Raison d'être

I love Newquay U3A. I love the fact that now I have retired I can continue to use my skills and help others in Newquay U3A.

I don’t want to sit at home vegetating. I don’t like daytime TV. I want to get out and do things. Okay, so I am a lot less fit than I used to be. That happens at our age. But in my mind I am still the eighteen year old I used to be, ready to take on the world, but a lot wiser.

Having joined Newquay U3A I joined the walking groups. Then misfortune fell on me, when I fell and sprained my ankle badly. After five weeks I was still not able to walk far, so couldn't go on the walks. So... what did I do? I started a Nature Study Saunter group, hoping that would give those people who cannot walk far a purpose for just doing a gentle stroll, while enjoying what Mother Nature has provided. Just in case people thought that a saunter group was too sedate for them, I added a longer walk to the itinerary for the “striders” to take part in. I hope it works.