1810 October Writing Themes

Nothing is compulsory in our Creative Writing Group, you can write what you like. However, for those who need inspiration, at our meeting in October we decided to try writing the following to read out at our next meeting:-

Story prompt 464 First line prompt: I knew it was just my imagination, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched.
As many words as you like up to about 500

Mary & Barry part 3: Write the next part of the Round Robin stories we wrote in the last two months. Leave it open to continue next month, or just finish it off.

Write a report or an article for the December Newsletter and the Website.

  • Examples:-
  • What Newquay U3A means to me
  • What I've done with Newquay U3A
  • Where I've been with Newquay U3A

Or just write about something seasonal: Halloween / Guy Fawkes / Xmas


Useful website for finding words to rhyme, synonyms, antonyms, descriptive words and phrases etc:
Useful website for creative writing tips, including weekly story prompts and Wednesday poetry prompts:
Don't forget to try the November Poem-a-Day Challenge (November PAD) prompts from You don't have to join the Forum, just have a look at the daily poetry prompts and see what you can do with them.

Free Verse. Subject Phobias
Write a poem however you like, but make sure it follows a regular pattern. Design your own poem rules and give the format a name. The example below I designed and composed, ready for this exercise:

Vee's Free Verse
• Rhyme each verse with the preceeding or following verse
• Three lines each verse, nine syllables each line, as many verses as needed
• Repeat certain words or phrases for emphasis
• Try to build up the suspense

He sits in the corner watching me
watching him, waiting for the right time,
waiting until I am unaware.

I sit on my sofa watching him
watching me, waiting for him to move,
waiting until he crawls from his lair.

I gasp. He stops, then scurries further,
stops again when in panic I scream.
Then he sprints. I sprint right out of there.

I return, armed with my weapon.
He’s disappeared from view. Where is he?
Under the sofa or the TV?

There! He is there! I wield my catcher
and stand well away, my arm outstretched.
I nearly caught him but he broke free.

Is he hiding behind the sideboard?
I’m wondering who is more frightened,
that monstrous, eight legged spider, or me?