1809 September Writing Themes

Nothing is compulsory in our Creative Writing Group, you can write what you like. However, for those who need inspiration, at our meeting in September we decided to try writing the following to read out at our next meeting:-

Story prompt 768 First line prompt: She sat on a lily pad trying to remember how to reverse the spell.
As many words as you like.

Mary & Barry part 2: Write the next part of the stories we wrote last month. Leave it open to continue next month, or just finish it off.

Diamante Poem Details of how to write this can be found on Wikipedia - seach: Diamante Poem
To summarise:
Pick 2 two syllable nouns relating to each other: synonyms, antonyms or associated words
Produce a 7 line poem in the format below which will be diamond shaped when centred on the page

  • Line 1: 1st 2 syllable noun
  • Line 2: 2 x 2 syllable adjectives describing 1st noun
  • Line 3: 3 x 2 syllable "" words describing 1st noun
  • Line 4: 2 x 2 syllable phrases or nouns relating to 1st noun plus 2 x 2 syllable phrases or nouns relating to 2nd noun
  • Line 5: 3 x 2 syllable "" words describing 2nd noun
  • Line 6: 2 x 2 syllable adjectives describing 2nd noun
  • Line 7: 2nd 2 syllable noun

It’s not a rhyming poem. It is really an exercise on using words poetically. There are several ways of doing the poem. Modify yours however you like, trying to follow the rules above, but the resulting poem should look like a diamond when it is centered on the page. Try to think of adjectives for the second noun which are similar or opposite to the adjectives used for the first noun, in the same position on each line. Example below:

Sunrise –
refreshed, joyful,
paling, rousing, warming,
Eastern welcome. Western farewell,
blushing, calming, cooling,
weary, peaceful,
– Sunset.