Meeting 2018 11

Notes from the General Meeting at The Lane Theatre

on Tuesday 13th November at 11.00 am

1. Welcome: Gret Woodason (Chairman) welcomed all members then introduced Clint Hosking, from Geevor Tin Mine.

2. Speaker: A very personable Clint Hosking, Education Manager at Geevor Tin Mine Museum, gave us an extremely interesting talk entitled “From Rock to Tin.” Clint told us all about the origins of tin mining, which had been the main industry in Cornwall for centuries. He gave us a good insight into what it was like to be a hard working tin miner until the mine closed in 1990, due to the Tin Price Crash of 1985, after which 380 miners were put out of work. Prior to that tin mining had been very much part of the community. Women and children even as young as three used to be involved in various tasks above ground. Items of interest were passed around the audience including a very small child’s shoe and a protective bonnet worn by the women workers to protect their eyes.

3. Apologies for Absence were from Helen and Alan Richardson, Chris Squibb and Dave Morey, who had been taken ill.

4. Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 9th October 2018 were signed off and available on the notice board.

5. Matters Arising: Gret showed the audience the suggestion box that had been put out at the last meeting and invited people to give us their suggestions, anonymously if necessary, and said it would be positioned near the notice board.

6. Chairman’s Report:
December General Meeting: Gret mentioned that the December General Meeting would be a Christmas Social. David Stevens would be doing “Stand Up Bingo” and there would be contributions from the singing group, the poetry group and the creative writing group. She hoped we would all sing along. She invited others to tell her if they would like do anything else to entertain us, like play an instrument, or any other talents.

Vice Chairman: Gret asked again for a volunteer for a Vice Chairman. She mentioned that we will also need a new Treasurer, and with Dave Morey being ill today it demonstrated how valuable that role is.

Post Xmas Lunch: Gret mentioned that the Post Xmas Lunch was for members only, but some people had asked if they could bring their partner. She asked that, if people had strong opinions on the matter, they could put their thoughts in the suggestion box and it could be discussed at our Committee Meeting.

7. Website Co-ordinator’s Report: More material is still needed for the website and Facebook: photos and reports on places visited etc.

8. Secretary’s Report: John thanked Martin for all his help organising parking today in the car park, which was full by 10:40am meaning some members drove off again. He mentioned that the theatre staff said they don’t normally have a problem with parking even when they have a full theatre because people tend to come in 2’s, 3’s or 4’s, whereas a lot of our members come on their own. He asked if it would be possible for people to offer lifts to those who live nearby.

9. Treasurer’s Report:

Current Income for Year£3,824
Estimated Expenditure for Year£3,000
Petty Cash£ 137
Refreshment Fund£ 205

We have a surplus of funds which will mean we are able to keep next year’s subscriptions the same as they are this year. The Committee are discussing what we can do with the surplus funds.

10. Groups Co-ordinator’s Report Margaret Harris announced:-

Antiques and Collectables: The meeting is on 17th December next month subject: Artwork.

Social Group: Margaret will lead this group herself. It will be held on alternate Thursday mornings at the Heron Centre, ensuring that it does not clash with the Silver Screen at the Cinema. She hoped people would come as she did not want to be there drinking coffee on her own. She mentioned it is a good contact point for new members if they wish to learn more about our activities.

11. Membership Secretary’s Report: Shirley announced that there were now 232 members, 97 of whom were at the meeting including one re-joiner. She said she wasn’t going to mention the GDPR forms.

12. Publicity Co-ordinator’s Report: Gret requested that people sent articles to her for the December newsletter within the next couple of days, as she will soon be producing it ready for print.

13. Programme Secretary’s Report: We now have bookings for the whole of 2019.

14. Interest Groups:-
Garden Appreciation Group: Margaret L announced that the minibus for 27th November visit to Trelawney Garden Centre was full. It would be leaving 6 Veor Road at 10am. Anyone going by car should meet them at the garden centre at 10:30 – 10:45.
December 12th 12:00 for 12:30 is the Garden Group Christmas Lunch with a free raffle at the Bay Tree Restaurant in Goonhavern Garden Centre. £5 deposits for bookings were being taken today and they would stay behind after the meeting for those who hadn’t already booked and paid. People would be going in cars and the 11:35 87 bus from Newquay would arrive around noon.

Longer Walking Group: Janet said walkers travel by car share, contributing about £3 towards the travel expenses. Sturdy boots should be worn and food and drink brought. Walkers should carry contact details and also give them to the walk organiser. She asked for volunteers to organise walks. Tomorrow’s walk starts at Healey’s Cider Farm car park.

15. Other Miscellaneous Social Activities:-
Silver Screen: Thursday 15th November 11am: King of Thieves with Michael Caine.

Old Cornwall Society: 90th Anniversary Christmas Fete at the Hotel Bristol on Saturday 24th November 10am-3pm with Visual Presentations, Exhibitions, Stalls and free tea, coffee and biscuits. £2 entrance in the Benenden Room, side access in Ulalia Road. Disabled access.

Winter Wonderland: Chris from the Lane Theatre announced that there will be six afternoons from 2:30 – 5:30 when there is a chance for children and/or grandchildren to visit Santa, his elves and a Snow Queen in their Winter Wonderland: 30th Nov, 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th & 9th Dec. Entrance for 1 child and 1 adult will be £7, 2 children and 2 adults £14.

Simon Weston CBE: Saturday 23rd February 7:30pm at the Lane Theatre £18

16. Any Other Business: None

17. Date and time of Next General Meeting: Tuesday 11th December 10.30am for 11.00am.
Christmas Social with free refreshments:- tea, coffee, sausage rolls, mince pies, biscuits and gluten-free shortbread. No speaker, short business meeting, followed by entertainment from volunteers within Newquay U3A.