Newport / Casnewydd South-East Wales

Beginners Contents

Areas for this half term

1.Basics (Antes de empezar) Before we start

Saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’
Saying who you are
Where you are from?
Pronunciation guide and regional differences

2.Ordering at a café ¡Mucho gusto!
Nice to meet you!

Buying a drink and meeting people
Pronunciation guide and regional differences

3.Directions ¿Dónde esta? Where is it?

Asking where places are
Understanding simple directions
Explaining where you live

3. ¿Que desea? Can I help you? Part one
Shopping for food
Talking About family and friends
Numbers 1-15

4.De compras Shopping Part two
En los mercados/In the markets
More numbers and working out your bill ‘la cuenta’.

5. ¿A qué hora llega? What time does it arrive?
Asking and telling the time, the days of the week, getting travel information and buying tickets

Images © Steven Atkins