Newport, Shropshire

Song for Newport U3A by John Baxter

John came to entertain us at our March 2015 meeting and wrote this song especially for us.

At the U3A in Newport, you could always try a sport
And Creative Writing's always such a thrill
Then there's Art Appreciation, which needs deliberation
And German Conversation needs some skill
You can go off theatre tripping, watching thrillers really gripping
And Country Crafts can really fill your day
There's such a lot of pleasure from these pastimes at your leisure
And all you have to do is join the U3A.

Do fancy deep sea diving, or maybe chariot driving
Or perhaps you find moon walking is your scene
Could you drive a builders dumper, or be a bungee jumper
Or write a book on Empress Josephine
Why not learn the ukulele (tho' you'd need to practice daily
Snake charming is addictive, so they say
Do I need to pull some strings to do these lovely things
No, all you have to do is go and join the U3A

How would you fancy doing a group job on tattooing
Weight lifting helps to get us all in trim
What about some belly dancing, we'd all find that entrancing
Or perhaps you'd like to do a sponsored slim
There's crossword puzzle solvers and shooting with revolvers
Hang gliding takes you up and right away
There's hours of pure enjoyment, when your talents you employ
It's really worth your while to go and join the U3A.

You can study garden history, you can try to solve the mystery
OF the wonder how migrating birds keep coming back again
There is a group that's talking they'll take up tight rope walking
And another that likes holidays in Spain.
You can do your own home brew, of brews there's quite a few
Or spend hours and hours with water colour paint
So go off and tell your friends of the goodwill that extends
When you meet up with Joce Cox and you join the U3A.