Newport, Shropshire

Highlights of June's Meeting

Clad in a jacket of purple-blue hues (having been dyed in Woad) with russet coloured Venetians, secured at the knee, and green Nettle dyed stockings, Master Henry was a fund of knowledge about life in Tudor England. Alan Rawlings - Master Henry from Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire - entertained and informed wonderfully when he spoke to us on Tuesday 17th. June; the presentation was a delight, such was his enthusiasm for the period.

The subject of the talk ranged from codpieces (famously and gloriously sported by Henry V111) and bum-rolls used to enhance women’s hips, to gong-scourers, who risked their lives cleaning the privies of human excrement. Reference was also made to the Sumptuary Laws which dictated what people from different stations of life could eat and wear. He displayed a traditionally made drinking vessel, a bag, shoes and many items of clothing. He told us about harsh punishments which included nailing the ears of a miscreant in the stocks to the wooden frame, and then removing a finger or two....and so much more.

Superb! This was an afternoon not to be missed! We should invite him to return...