Newport, Shropshire


Our monthly meetings are held at the Royal British Legion Club in Audley Road, Newport TF10 7DP on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, commencing at 2.00 p.m. There is usually a speaker booked at each meeting on a range of varied topics. Admission is free for members (in 2019) and £1 for non-members. Refreshments are available. Ample car parking.

Dates for your Diary
Tue Sep 17th

Squadron Leader Chris Wilson

Chris will give a history of RAF Cosford from being built in 1937 to the present day.

Tue Oct 15th

Peter Bates

The Transportation of Convicts to Australia

The preamble explains James Cook’s visit to Australia and the need for the British Government to launch the First Fleet in 1787. It goes on to name several individual convicts of note; their crimes and short stories. It proceeds to discuss the treatment of the convicts, name 2 prominent governors of New South Wales and the building of eleven penal colonies. Concluding with the purpose of Port Arthur in Tasmania and convict buildings of note still in existence in Australia today. The object of this talk is to give a chronology of events leading up to the subsequent transportation of convicts to Australia, their treatment; demises and successes in helping to shape today’s Australia, and their legacies.

Tue Nov 19th

Jamie Mackaill

Banking Scams

Friends Against Scams is our talk on keeping yourself safe and is a National Trading Standards initiative and aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims to scams. These talks are absolutely free and apply to everyone which ever bank you bank with.

Tue Dec 17th


Shropshire Ghost Stories

Shropshire is a County that is especially rich in ghosts, ghosts ancient and modern. Ghosts young and old. Ghosts human & animal. Ghosts good & evil.

Tue Jan 21st 2020



She will talk about awareness of bees and their importance in the environment
"Alison is a 'hobby-beekeeper' who, in 2014 decided to turn her two hobbies (and passions) of 'bees' and 'education' into a business, initally to educate primary school aged children why bees are SO important in the environment. Starting up 'Alison's Bee Class' has been an amazing experience as well as 'Living the Dream' for Alison and it's since won her awards as well as having the honour of meeting HRH Duchess of Cornwall. Alison's talk encompasses many elements of bee types, beekeeping, her experience in the classroom as well as many funny tales of when things don't go quite as planned!! Alison's enthusiasm will have the audience 'buzzing'!!"