Welcome to Newmarket U3A

Registered Charity Number 1183168

Welcome to Newmarket U3A


In the time that we have been unable to meet, our group co-ordinators and committee members have been designing other, mostly online activities.

Many of our groups are starting in-person meetings again. Please continue to follow all Government guidelines and remain vigilant about Covid risks when getting together.

You can find out more about each group with the GROUPS button above or click the links in the text below to see new activities.

  • NEW GROUP VILLAGE LIFE at Burwell Museum from Tuesday 5th October. 🆕
  • NEW GROUP MOTO (Members on their own) 🆕 starting September.
  • NEW GROUP via Zoom COOK OFF FRIDAY restarting with in person meetings September.🆕
  • NEW GROUP via Zoom from March HISTORY OF SCIENCE and visit the Whipple Museum in person in September. 🆕
  • ARTS APPRECIATION GROUP restarting with monthly meetings from October.
  • There is brilliant MUSIC APPRECIATION, complete with video of the performers.
  • HISTORY quizzes and hysterical little stories from the past are featured on the website, and restarting in person meetings 3rd September.
  • Remarkable photographs from the CAMERA group monthly online competitions, resuming in-person meetings 4th October at The Racing Centre.
  • WINGS, WHEELS & WATER - Returns to meeting at the Exning Road Club from September 2021.
  • REALM OF BOOKS shows their programme and there are reports on the books they’ve read with comments and opinions on the good and the not so pleasurable. Returns to meeting at All Saints Church from September 2021.
  • DRAMA via ZOOM. Watch moments from The Digital Christmas Concert in December. New Production coming soon.
  • WALKING has now resumed, with lunch to follow! See group page for meeting details each month.
  • Our Facebook page NEWMARKET U3A brings you news from members.

All designed to keep the brain ticking!

As soon as you join you can start contributing to those pages as well as doing all these other great things!

Your latest E-NEWS 2021 is on the NEWS page.


U3A stands for the University of the Third Age, which is a self-help organisation for people no longer in full time employment providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment. No qualifications are needed or given, it’s all for fun, to share and laugh and maybe learn new things, meet people and make friends. Come and join us!

Input and support from members is always welcome and appreciated, as it this which makes our U3A lively and interesting.

We hope very much that you will become involved in our group and share your interests with us.


Newmarket U3A’s activities

Joining Newmarket U3A provides you with the ability to become involved in a variety of activities.

Each month we hold a monthly general meeting we call a "Speaker Meeting" for all members and potential members, with a guest speaker presenting various topics, followed by a chat and a free cup of tea or coffee. We have brief group updates and information about wider U3A activities and Committee members will always be on hand to meet and greet, answer any queries you might have, and introduce you to other members.

The annual membership fee of £10 paid in August enables you to attend the monthly Speaker Meetings and gives you the opportunity to join additional events for all members, such as the annual lunch and both summer and winter trips, with costs varying according to activity. See EVENTS/TRIPS.

In addition to the monthly meeting and annual member events, members can enjoy access to all, or any, of the Groups that interest you. Activities range from presentations, often given by U3A members, to more practical involvement such as drama. Group meetings make a small charge towards expenses, depending on the venue (£1.50) and several venues include free tea and coffee. Members may enjoy up to three trial 'taster' sessions at any Group, without charge, by agreement with the appropriate Group Co-ordinator See GROUPS.

Group Co-ordinators may also organise trips for their Groups. These may either use the 'Gredley Provision', where the U3A is supplied with a mini-bus belonging to the Gredley Charitable Trust, providing free transport, or be “self-drive” visits, with the Group organising its own transport. Other charges for entrance and coach hire fees may also apply for some Group events. If there are spare places these are made available to members of other Groups

Finding you way around the Newmarket U3A website

To learn more about the U3A, its activities and the benefits of membership use the buttons at the top of the page or the labels in the text below.

  • NEWS For the latest quarterly Newsletter and messages. During the Covid-19 Lockdown and suspension of meetings we are issuing shorter, more frequent emailed news, see E-News. See Facebook for regular postings about some of our recent events on our Facebook page. Take a look at our Moving Forward magazine for a review of the year's events from August 2020 to July 2021.
  • GROUPS and the page for each Group will show you our various regular activities and how to contact each group coordinator. You can join all or any of the Groups that interest you. There is a small charge for each group meeting of only £1.50.
  • EVENTS tab for a list of forthcoming general meetings for all members: "Speaker Meetings", Trips and other Events.
  • JOIN US tab tells you about membership and how to join. Download a membership form here.
  • CONTACT to send us an email. Email Membership Secretary via this page to request more information, or send you a membership form to join the U3A. See the JOIN US page.
  • CALENDAR for the Annual Calendar of all types of meetings and details of time and location.
  • LINKS you can select the current and previous Newsletters and other documents and forms.