The 2020 Annual General Meeting scheduled for 27th July which was postponed due to ongoing restrictions on our activity due to Covid-19 has now been rescheduled to 19th October 2020. See the AGM 2020 button for full details.





28th September 2020

Dear U3A Members,

Tim on drums For various reasons, these words I have to write now will not reach you for at least two weeks. I can only hope that what am writing still makes sense when you come to read it.

We were making slow but pleasing progress in opening up our groups and activities to face-to-face sessions. At the same time a number were using Zoom and the website to continue to provide interest and activities for you. Now suddenly all the face-to-face activity comes to a full stop. In my view, supported by the Executive Committee, we cannot continue any face-to-face meetings. I know some U3As are going ‘round the houses’ looking for loopholes in the regulations. I disapprove of this tactic very strongly. My thoughts are as follows.

All our groups are open to all our members. Almost every group has more than six members. It would be impossible to decide who could attend and who could not. Splitting one activity into several groups of six is tinkering with the regulations.

The purpose of the new regulation, the ‘Rule of Six’ is to reduce the spread of the virus. We should be supporting that and directing our efforts to the same end.

The spirit of the new regulation is also the reduction of the virus. Whatever our feelings about the rules,
the exemptions and the applications of the rule, we should be supporting the spirit of the regulations – to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

We are all in ‘at risk’ categories to a greater or lesser extent. I, as your Chairman, and the Executive Committee should not be encouraging you, in any way, shape or form, to put yourself in situations of increased risk. Staging any face-to-face group activities would be doing precisely that.

So for those reasons we shall not be continuing any of our outdoor meeting for the foreseeable future. It’s very sad, but there are some ways in which we can continue the vast range of activities that we normally hold every month.

A number of groups have been holding group meetings on Zoom. It is very simple to use, when you receive an invitation you just click on the long string of letters and numbers that is the link to the meeting. Do this just before the meeting start time – not days or hours before. Zoom is not the same as face-to-face but it is much better than nothing. I have taken part in a number of meetings and they have all worked well. The basic package gives you 40 minutes free! Here are some easy to follow guidance notes: Zoom instructions.

It will be up to Group Co-ordinators to initiate these meetings but it should be possible for virtually every group to find some worthwhile activities to do on Zoom. Even a thirty minute general chat would be worthwhile.

If you have not been a regular visitor to our website then I would encourage you to spend some time 'rummaging about the pages’ to see what is happening in various groups. Many of our co-ordinators have spent a great deal of time and energy preparing activities for members.

If you have any interesting stories or pictures that might interest members do please send them to the Web Editor. We would love to see how our members are faring and particularly what you have
been doing for the last six months.

I am sorry that this is yet another gloomy piece of writing, focussing on the current trials and tribulations. I shall make every effort to write more interestingly next month! We should have interesting news from the AGM. Of course, the AGM is always a time of change and particularly so this year when we will be saying farewell from the committee to four Executive Committee members who are stepping down. Nigel Day has been sending you the E-News letters and chairing our Publicity Sub-committee. Angie Harrison proved herself a very useful proof reader and editor for our documents. Niddy Walpole has served on the Exec.Comm. in various roles, including three years as chairman and has contributed to the success of Newmarket U3A in any ways. Joan Watkinson has had the unenviable task of Treasurer for the past six years and has cared most effectively for our finances. Finally, Rosemary Foreman has been our secretary for five years and will be stepping down from that post although she will remain on the committee for another year. All have contributed in many ways and the part they have played in our activities have been most valuable.

Normally we would be making a presentation at the AGM. This will not be possible this year but I can assure you that all will receive a tangible token of our appreciation for their work.

Lastly the photo of me – enjoying myself in the midst of all the problems! Outside U3A I play with a band in the Ely area. Fortunately there are just six of us. We are hoping to be able to continue, having hired a Covid-secure hall and implemented all the required processes. Hence the smile!

Stay safe, best wishes.

Tim Young


Tim\'s video chat 23rd May 2020 (also on our Facebook page)

(See Tim’s video chat on our Facebook page 23/03/20) or here on YouTube Tim Young video
- Chris, Web Ed. )


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