Tim Young Welcome to our 2019 – 2020 year. After the AGM and the first committee meeting, we now have a new committee. A full list of names and roles will be posted soon; meanwhile the names you may need first are listed below.

My first task as Chairman, must be to thank all the committee members for their work throughout the past year and particularly to thank Margaret Jocelyn, retiring chairman, Niddy Walpole retiring vice-chairman and Sharon Wall, retiring newsletter editor. All three have served on the committee for at least six years and contributed much to the success of Newmarket U3A. Last year was a complicated one in which we were required to develop various policies – all set out on our website – and to apply for charity status, a lengthy and complex process.

By the time you read this, the autumn session of the groups will be well under way. At present we have nineteen groups offering a wide range of activities, pastimes and interests. Last year three new groups were set up, two in Burwell, where a number of our members live, and all three groups continue to thrive. I hope that you are able to find stimulating and interesting activities from our present menu, but we are always open to suggestions for new groups and activities. Just contact a member of the committee with your ideas. Perhaps the simplest way would be to use the contact page on our website.

Our U3A is a ‘spider’s web’ of an organisation with groups meeting in various places in Newmarket and Burwell, on virtually every day of each month. I hope to visit every group during the coming months to meet the group coordinators and the members and to participate in our excellent range of activities. Newmarket U3A has grown considerably recently and I look forward to playing my part in this vibrant local organisation.

Tim Young 01638 612216

Committee members 2019 – 2020: roles allotted so far:

Cheryl BamptonMembership Secretary,
Barry ColesPhotographer & Archivist,
Grace CrumpCharity Liaison
Nigel DayNewsletter Editor
Rosemary ForemanSecretary
Kath GifkinsVice Chairman
Angie Harrison
Chris TimminsWebsite Editor
Joan WatkinsonTreasurer
Tim YoungChairman

The committee decided to co-opt Niddy Walpole to the committee for another year in her post as Speakers Secretary


Currently held on the last Monday of the month at 2.30pm at Exning Road Club.

Niddy on 01353 721144 or

30 September – Three Score Years and Ten by Tim Young. Charting state education through his own experiences as a pupil, student, teacher and head teacher.

28 October - Jon Cook is the owner of Foster's Mill in Swaffham Prior, the home of Prior's Flour which is a brand of organic stoneground flours which are milled on the premises mostly by wind power. He will tell us of the challenges in modern flour production whilst working with 1850s equipment. He will bring some samples for us to try and flours to buy.

Click here for the Calendar for September 2019 , Calendar for October 2019 and Calendar for November 2019

The website for Newmarket U3A is . Please consult it regularly since we use it to let you know of changes in venues, dates etc. and to post information. We are part of THE THIRD AGE TRUST.#

NB The simplest way to find us is just to search Newmarket U3A