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8th January 2022

Dear Members,

May I start by wishing you a Happy New Year. Let us all hope that it brings a calmer, more relaxed time than the previous two. However, at present we face the Omicron variant of the Corona virus and the need for care in our activities for some time yet. The Executive Committee met on Thursday to consider the advice we should provide for you all for the next month or so. There is no real advice and guidance from either the Government or the Third Age Trust and therefore, having due regard for the health and safety of all members, we advise as follows. However, members have the ultimate decision as to whether or not it is safe to attend any U3A activity.

On Friday 14 January we have planned our Annual Lunch at the Rosery Hotel in Exning. We concluded that this should proceed given the following precautions:
1. Members are advised NOT to attend if they feel at all unwell.
2. We advise that members should have had three vaccinations before attending.
3. Members should carry out a LATERAL FLOW TEST before arriving at the Rosery.
4. FACEMASKS should be worn except during the meal, while eating or drinking.
5. SOCIAL DISTANCING should be practised whenever possible.
6. The Rosery Hotel will employ appropriate measures regarding seating and ventilation.
If you have changed your mind and would now like to join the Annual Lunch, or cancel your booked place, please contact Rosemary Foreman on 01638 730072.

On Monday 31 January, we will hold the first Speaker Meeting of 2022. This will be held as usual in Exning Road Club, in the large hall with appropriate ventilation. (Members should bear in mind it might be chilly in the room.) The advice for the Rosery should also be employed at this meeting. Social distancing should be easier as it is a large space and recent meetings were attended by some 30 members.

Normal Interest Group meetings resume from Monday 10 January. We advise that these should take place following the Group Co-ordinator’s Risk Assessment for the activity and the place it takes place. This will focus on factors such as number of members, size of the meeting room, nature of the activity. Again, you as individual members have the final decision as to whether you attend or not. If your group co-ordinator decides the meeting is to be cancelled, you will be informed in advance.

I know that this looks burdensome and continues the worries and concerns that we have all had for months. I can only reiterate the old sayings, ‘Better safe than sorry’, and ‘If in doubt, don’t! The next guidance from the government is due at the end of the month and we will take this into account in any future messages we send you.

Despite all this, I hope that you will be able to enjoy our activities this spring and we hope that as the weather improves so will the general situation.

Best wishes

Tim Young



Meetings held at Exning Road Social Club on the last Monday of the month at 2.30pm. Please look out for date changes when there is a bank holiday in the month.

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Trish Newell, Speaker Secretary
01638 611023



Monday 26th July 2021 saw our AGM take place on Zoom.
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