Who is Who

Committee members:

  • are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in July.
  • are all trustees of the Newmarket U3A registered charity no.1183168.
  • are volunteers who donate a significant amount of their free time because they want to contribute to running and improving Newmarket U3A to the best of their abilities according to their skills.
  • have roles that typically have a fixed term attached to them (see the Constitution).
  • meet on each third Monday of the month. (See Minutes.)

COMMITTEE 2019 – 2020:

Tim Young Kath Gifkins Rosemary Foreman Joan Watkinson
Chairman Vice Chair SecretaryTreasurer
Tim YoungKath GifkinsRosemary ForemanJoan Watkinson
Cheryl Bampton Nigel Day Chris Timmins Barry Coles
Membership Secretary Newsletter EditorWebsite Editor Archivist & Photographer
Cheryl BamptonNigel Day Chris Timmins Barry Coles
Angie Harrison Grace Crump Niddy Walpole
Yearbook EditorCharity Liaison Speaker Meetings
Angie Harrison Grace Crump Niddy Walpole


Sub-committees perform a function or a specific task to support the committee. Each sub-committee includes at least one member of the main committee to ensure full and prompt reporting. The main committee agrees terms of reference and their role which is purely advisory and does not have decision-making powers or expenditure authority.

Activities Sub-Committee

Niddy Walpole (Chair), Di Angus Smith, Ann Cant , Rosemary Foreman, Steve Garner and Kath Gifkins

Publicity Sub-Committee

Nigel Day (Chair), Barry Coles, Stephanie Ellington, John Herring and Chris Timmins