Newhaven & Peacehaven

Older Newsletters

We have returnnd to the pre-pandemic format and time scales for the publication of the Newsletter and Bulletin:

The August 2021 Newsletter has been published and is being posted to all members with important AGM information

Our Newsletter is published 3 times a year, at the beginning of April, August and December. It contains items of interest for our members and the latest information on the activities and events of the groups and clubs together with important dates for your diaries.

The Newsletter is published on the website at the end of the preceding month to the issue month. It may be collected at the Monthly Meeting for the relevant month and members who are unable to collect them at the Monthly Meeting will receive them by post.
If you would prefer to receive the Newsletter in digital form by email only. Please contact Webmaster to register.

For those with internet access you can sign up directly to the national U3A Newsletter.
This is filled with information, stories and advice and continues to be a two way conversation between the whole U3A movement.
Sign up at National Newsletter.

About our Newsletter

1. Includes the latest news and events, articles, jokes and members con-tributions.
2. Published in time for our monthly meetings in April, August and December.
3. Digital distribution to members that have access to the internet.
4. Available for collection at the monthly meeting or distributed by hand or post for members that do not have access to the internet.
5. All content for inclusion should be submitted to the Editor by 16th of the month preceding publication.
6. Please send content in digital format (using email or email attachments) directly to the Editor.
7. Please send handwritten content to Jacquie Webber for typing and forwarding onto the Editor prior to the 16th of the month preceding publication.