Abstract art:Dates: early 20th century. Art that does not relate to reality of the world. Characteristics: form, colour and line
Art Deco a decorative style: dates: 1920s-1930s. Characteristics: geometric and influenced by Egyptian and Cubist art.
Art Nouveau: meaning new art. Dates 1890s - 1900s: Characteristics: flowing lines and motifs. Artist e.g. : Klimt: Rennie MacKintosh
Baroque Date: 17th century art style in Europe and usually of figure subjects. Characteristics: include dramatization, movement, light, shading and colour. Artist e.g. Rubens
Cubism :1910 onwards. Characteristics: influenced by African art. Artist e.g. Picasso
Early Renaissance: Dates: 15th century. Location: Tuscany, Italy. Characteristics: naturalism and free form. Artist e.g. : Botticelli
Expressionism : Dates: late 20th century. Characteristics: emotion and the spiritual. Artist e.g. Van Gogh
High Renaissance: Dates: early 16th century. Location : Italy. Artist e.g. Michelan