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Entry made by Ron Burn and Mo
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Visit Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral
Lindisfarne Gospels Members 1 Lindisfarne Gospels Members 2 Lindisfarne Gospels Cathedral View 1. I will start off with an account of our visit to see the Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral. So many members wanted to see this, that two separate trips were arranged by our Events Organiser: Sandra Davison. This was the first. The members who came on the trip (except for yours truly, who took the photograph) can be seen by clicking on a photo.

We set off from the Eldon Square Bus Station in two group: the first consisted of those who were determined to get the Durham express bus, which had just come in, and the second contained those members who decided to keep Sandra company in her wait for a latecomer. We set off fairly early, so there was plenty of time for a spot of lunch and a leisurely stroll round the cathedral.

The weather was blisteringly hot so cover was keenly sought and it was a relief to be in the cathedral and the library, where the exhibition was being held. When we finally got into the exhibition, now reunited as one group, it was a slow shuffle around numerous exhibits, with many early gospels on display. When we finally got to the Lindisfarne Gospels itself, it was mildly disappointing, as only two facing pages could be seen. Later still, there was access to specially adapted computers which gave electronic access to every page of the gospels. This facility can also be enjoyed on home computers by googling 'British Museum Lindisfarne'. Finally, at about 4 pm, we wended our weary way homewards for a much-needed cool shower.'

Wildlife group at Tanfield Railway 1 Wildlife group at Tanfield Railway
Wildlife group at Tanfield Railway 2 2. The Wildlife group today (07/08) visited the Tanfield Railway path, where the warm sunshine brought out lots of butterflies and other insects. David saw a Small Copper for the first time in 5 years. As an added bonus, we saw steam trains in action. Because of the time of year, numbers of members attending were well down. However, photographs of those members and a passing steam train have been posted.

History projects High Level
High Level Bridge 3. This unusual picture of the High Level Bridge, taken from the Gateshead side, was snapped by Steve Brown, leader of the History Projects group. You can see more about the group on his own page: History Projects.

4. Open visit by members of Newcastle U3A to Trinity House near the Quayside. Trinity House September 2013 Trinity house has a fantastic collection of historic naval and other artefacts, including King Charles I's chair with legs 6" longer than normal as he was a very small man, and didn't want to be below his table companions when dining.

5. Visit by the Wildlife Group to Holywell Bay

A very hot dayHolywell Bay September 2013 We shall not wilt!

6. Here are some photographs of members of the Walking group visiting Seaton Sluice. The walk included a splendid good value lunch in the Astley Arms.

Seaton Sluice 1 Seaton Sluice 2 Seaton Sluice 3