New Eastwood


Visitors Always Welcome!

We welcome visitors to our meetings. You do not need to book - just come and introduce your self at our check in desk by the door. We look forward to seeing you!

New Groups

We have volunteers willing to start new groups for:
Social Media
It has been suggested that we have a Church Architecture Visiting group as well as interest being expressed in restarting the French group.

If you would like to join any of these please contact Mandy Gardner.

Online Quiz Group

This group has been suspended as several members leaving due to other commitments. We would love to be able to resume our quizzes. If you wish to join us, now or at any time, please email Mandy Gardner.

French Conversation Group

This group is currently running on Zoom and has space for one or two more members. Nothing serious and you don't need to have amazing French as long as you can string a few sentences together.
Email Mandy Gardner to find out more.