Mull & Iona


Muhalabieh (Middle Eastern Milk Pudding Dessert)
Although semi skimmed cow’s milk was used on the day, this can be replaced with other milks including A2 protein milk. Don’t know if it works with fully skimmed milk.
500 mls milk
100 gms sugar (can be reduced to 2 tbsp or an appropriate amount of sugar substitute)
3 tbsp cornflour
Flavouring: on the day, I used 2 capfuls of extract of Sicilian Lemon. In the past, I have also used extract of Madagascan Vanilla. Original recipe uses Rose Water (2 tbsp)
Decoration: on the day, I used toasted flaked almonds but you can use chopped pistachio nuts, desiccated coconut, pomegranate seeds or cocoa nibs.
1. Place all the ingredients in a pan and heat slowly stirring all the time.
2. When thickened, do not boil, but leave to cool then transfer to dish or individual dishes.
3. It can be eaten warm as it is cooked or chilled and served later.
4. Decorate as desired
Preparation Time: 5mins Cooking Time: 5mins Serves 4-6

Chocolate Bread Pudding

9 Slices white bread – preferably on the stale side. Remove crusts and cut into triangles
5 ozs Dark chocolate
15ozs Whipping cream
4 tbls Dark Rum
3ozs Butter
Pinch Cinnamon
3 size 1 eggs

Place choc, cream, Rum, sugar, butter , cinnamon in bowl over pan of
hot water and melt together.
Remove from heat and stir allow to cool slightly.
Mix eggs , pour over above and whisk.

Pour half into a dish and layer with bread.
Use plate with slight weight on to cover completely.

Leave at room temp for two hours then place in fridge for 48hrs.
Cook 180C for 30/35 mins.
Serve warm or cold.