Much Wenlock & District


As part of a warm up to a writing session, or as a piece of homework, a member of the group will suggest a topic for a short exercise. Follow the link to the right to view examples of those exercises.

Clays at Broseley Christmas Lunch 2016 - Pre-Christmas lunch exercise to stimulate our appetites. We ate a delicious meal in warm ambient surroundings.

Jo Jackson's 'Amelie' - inspired by the birth of her granddaughter

Ruth Lowe says about her poem 'Grey Squirrel', 'A writing exercise was introduced by one of our members, in which we all had to select an item from a very diverse selection of objects in a box.
I chose an acorn.
I was later able to draw on the very brief notes and personal 'brainstorm' scribblings I'd made, when writing the attached poem, 'Grey Squirrel' which was later to be published in Fairacre Press's Maligned Species project ,March 2016.'

Phil Revell's poem 'No brakes' - inspired by one of his exciting bike rides