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October 2018: Our Newsletters

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July 2017 - Kiss Me Kate at Kilworth House (reviewed by Ina Taylor)

This was our fourth visit to the theatre at Kilworth House in Leicestershire. Because we have such an enjoyable time every year, it is becoming a fixture in Much Wenlock & District U3A's calendar.

The theatre opened in 2007 and is set in a wooded glade close to the lake at Kilworth House Hotel. The wonderful setting provides many of us with the perfect venue for a picnic supper - albeit a rather posh picnic with wine, even table cloths on some tables! Some of the group chose to treat themselves to dinner in the hotel before the performance. Either way it sets us up well for the evening show.

The fact that this is an open-air theatre might seem a bit of a gamble given our unpredictable English summers, but so far we have had lovely dry and warm visits in July. Although it is open air, both the stage and the auditorium have large, sail-like canopies to protect actors and audience from the elements and there are always colourful blankets on hand to wrap around you if it gets chilly. The fun part, of course, is watching the approach of twilight as the story unfolds on stage as well as hearing the bedtime call of the birds.

The 2017 show was Kiss Me Kate which was not one many of us were wildly excited about initially - previously we had seen South Pacific, West Side Story and Singing in the Rain - but this one turned out as much fun as before. I think the acrobatic dancing from some of the male actors really wowed the audience. It was absolutely stunning! Clever scene changes, fabulous singing, lively dancing and wonderful costumes all conspired to make it another great show and night out for Wenlock U3A.

What is on the calendar for next year, please?!

October 2015: A group of U3A members went on a Great Rail Journeys trip to visit the battlefields and cemeteries of Flanders. A article describing the highlights of the trip with accompanying photos can be found by following the link on the right.

25th September 2014: Wine Tasting - The South of France

Our September meeting of the Wine Tasting Group was as always, a very merry event and as always, enjoyed by all ten members who attended.

It was my turn to host the meeting and provide the tasty nibbles to accompany the delicious wines that Robert always brings to the table. The purists of the true Wine Tasting Establishment would no doubt scoff at the way we contaminate our palettes with spicy morsels, instead of cleaning the taste buds with delicate sorbets etc.

Wine Tasting Sept But Heh ....we do our best with iced water.......and we're not aspiring to accuracy just appreciation.

This month's offerings were from the South of France and as usual Robert provided us with excellent handouts , catering for our collective ignorance .......which not only give us an overview of each individual wine in terms of which region it came from ....what to try and pick up in the bouquet ( can be anything from flowers to smoky toast ) which different fruits to be on the lookout for on the tongue....and very importantly what kind of a finish it presents ...succulent and fresh, or fiery and peppery. Honestly it's such good fun getting your head around all these markers ....and of course nobody minds a bit if you cant find what you're looking for !!

As well as all the chat and jollity our input lies with giving each wine a personal preference score ( 1 to 10 )....and then trying to guess it's value .....and this time the range was between £5.95 (Chateau de Pena from Languedoc ) and £17.95 for a glorious Chateauneuf-du-Pape,Domaine du Rempart.

We were treated to a brilliant start to the evening with a delicious sparkling wine, also quite pricy at £14.30, Blanquette de Limoux Brut ....which got the thumbs up from everyone I think. In all we tasted our way through eight wines and I believe I can safely say that we finished with a flourish

Again the purists would demand that we discharge each mouthful ....well dear reader I ask you .....would you ? I thought not !!

For more information on wine tastings see the Wine Tasting group page.


9th July 2014: South Pacific
A recent visit of U3A members to see South Pacific was a great success. Below are the impressions of one U3A member, Rita Denny:

Grounds of Kilworth House I just thought I'd like to say how much Brian & I enjoyed the group outing to Kilworth House for the performance of South Pacific. It was magical, it really was.
I'm in no way attempting a critique here...this is simply an enthusiastic response to having enjoyed a delightful evening's entertainment in a lovely setting.
South Pacific has long been a favourite of ours, being avid Rogers & Hammerstein fans, and of course there is always the chance down the years, that the further away you get from the original performance, the particular spark of magic that typifies R & H music and lyrics, can be diluted into a mediocre delivery.
Well this company did not disappoint. They were excellent...the voices were superb, the costumes, the stage settings ,the energy and enthusiasm and sheer love of performing all came together with the amplified sound of a small live orchestra, amid the beautiful setting of Kilworth House Open Air Theatre .....well we felt enchanted.
Judging from the smiles all around us and chatting to the group afterwards we weren't thank you again Linda...this scored a 10.

8th July 2014: Ukulele Gig
The U3A Ukulele group were invited to perform for an audience of elderly people at the local Pinefields Community Centre. Six Ukulele group members and two guests ran through a selection of varied songs of assorted genres and from various eras. The audience were provided with song sheets and many joined in. The performance was well received and both the audience and the Uke group had a good time. You can see the photos on the Ukulele group page, Uke3A.

28th June 2014: WW1 Commemorations
U3A members were actively involved in the recent WW1 commemorations held in Much Wenlock. Follow the link on the right to read a description of the event and view pictures of Suffragettes, heavy horses, etc. There is also a very well made video of the event available on YouTube: Much Wenlock WW1 Commemoration