Moray Coast

Some Topics Previously Discussed

1. Considering the chaos at Calais, and the humanitarian needs of many refugees, how should the UK Government tackle the immigration issue?
2. What should be the reaction in the west to the so-called Islamic State?
3. Is Barack Obama's new Energy Policy right and is it deliverable?
4. Assuming that one can never spend enough on the National Health Service what should be the limits of service that we can reasonably expect?
5. When should a person come of age in Scotland?
6. Should Scotland be an independent country?
7. What constitutes a fair society? To what extent is it reasonable for the “haves” in society to support the “have nots”?
8. What reasonable steps should families in Scotland take to ensure that damage to the Earth’s ecosystem is minimised?
9. Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU?
10. How far should gene therapies be allowed to progress?
11. How should decisions about key national infrastructure be made? We consider this question against the backdrop of decisions regarding Hinckley Point, HS2 and Heathrow Runway 3.