Moray Coast

Site visit 11th June 2012

U3A Archaeology Group
Site visit 11th June 2012

On a beautiful sunny day the Archaeological Group went to Portsoy to look at another Roman site, which was similar to Cullen, but with a few differences- the fact that they were quarrying serpentine, a green stone that looks like marble, but is more easily worked, so prized by the Romans. This was as well as quarrying iron ore. Down by the sea, there were granaries and a toilet/bath house. At the top of the 2 paths leading up the hill were two small towns, with the fort situated where the school is now.
The weather was so lovely that Michael suggested visiting another site, not far away, a neolithic burial mound called Stirling Cairn. It proved a bit harder to find than expected, but eventually we found it, in a field of very frisky bullocks! The cairn was very big, and in a prominent position near the top of the hill, with fantastic views, not that the residents of the cairn would be able to appreciate them, but their relatives would if they ever visited.
We went back to the Shore Inn at Portsoy for a drink, and the landlord showed us a dagger that had been found nearby. He was hoping we could date it, but that was beyond our knowledge. He was going to take it to a museum for dating. I asked him to tell me the result. So that was an interesting end to an enjoyable day-oh, and we've got a new member too. Michael