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March Meeting

Nine members turned up at the Jolly Miller pub on Friday 13th (obviously no-one is superstitious) to play darts against each other in two teams.

Four of us enjoyed a very well cooked lunch before getting in a bit of sneaky practice before the others arrived!

Although missing some of our ‘regulars’ – nothing to do with the virus, thankfully - we managed to make up our usual red and green teams and we played three games in total, all from 501 starts.

The first game went to the sixth round before Marilyn got the double 1 to take the lead for the Red team. On to the second game and that went to five rounds before Debbie got the double 1 for the Green team this time. We obviously then had to go on to a ‘decider’ and both teams were down to a double 2 to take the game, but Janet made it 2 to 1 for the Green team by getting the double 2. Many congratulations to the players who got the winning doubles, but also to all of the players as without them there would be no contest.

Mention must be made of the highest scorers with three darts in this session, and they were: Marilyn with a magnificent 96; Janet with 76; Sarah with 72 and special mention for Debbie who scored a bullseye! Well done everyone who took part and made it an enjoyable couple of hours.

Sadly, with all the restrictions that have come in since the group last met, all sessions are cancelled until further notice. If you have your own dart board at home, keep practising, otherwise we’ll meet again on the other side! Stay safe and well everyone!

February Meeting

The sudden closure of the Burrator Inn caused some hasty changes to our scheduled meeting on Friday, 28th February. It was only because our own group members advised me of the closure, that we did not all have a wasted journey out to Dousland, as, despite us having a regular booking for lunch each month, we were not told that the pub would be closed!

Luckily, one of our group had been told that the newly re-furbished Jolly Miller pub at Estover had a dart board and that the food was good there, as well. One quick phone call to the pub to check details and a table was then reserved for the group. Eight members arrived for lunch and quickly ordered their food and drink. Whilst waiting, a few of us had a practice and we tried to work out how the electronic score-board worked – as it was different to the one at the Burrator. Everyone commented on how good the board was – very well lit and good to play on. After lunch another group member arrived to join us for the darts.

Once we were fed and watered, we divided into our usual Red and Green teams and started the first game from 501. Being busy with the electronic score board, I totally forgot to write down the individual scores, and so the person who scored the highest with three darts in that game is unknown. However, as both teams ended up unable to get their doubles to finish the game, it was agreed that we would go for ‘nearest the bull’. Each team member threw one dart and Kim’s dart was declared the nearest – so the Red team won that round.

Onto the second game, again from 501 and we were all a bit quicker that time, and before long both teams were trying to get a double three to finish. The red team got down to needing a double one, but the Greens won the game with a successful double three thrown by Sarah, thus making the match a draw with one game each to both teams. The highest individual score with three darts in the final round was Jill with a magnificent 65.

Well done to all the ladies who came, despite the bad weather, and, in view of the warm welcome and good food, it was decided that we would go to the Jolly Miller again for our March meeting, which will be on Friday 13th at 12.15 for 12.30. A table for 9 has been booked – please let me know if you wish to have lunch first.

January Meeting

The new year started with a record number of group members attending the Burrator Inn on Friday 24th January. Ten arrived to enjoy their lunch before the darts, with three more arriving afterwards.

With the group divided into two teams, red and green, as usual, we started playing from 501. With seven on each side the score quickly got down to both teams needing a double to finish, which is where the difficulty always arises! It only took three rounds to get to that stage, but it was in the sixth round that the green team finally succeeded in getting the double two needed to claim victory.

The second game got underway and again by the third round the scores had got down to where both teams needed a double to finish. As before, it ended with both teams needing a double two to win, and the green team managed to get the win for the second time in the sixth round.

The highest scorer with three darts in the first game was Jean with a great 77, and in the second game, Jill scored a magnificent 80 (with only 2 darts!). The finishing double in both games were scored by Sarah for the Green team.

December Meeting

Only seven players turned up for lunch at the Burrator before playing three rounds of darts.
After a very good lunch, we divided the players into the two teams, Red and Green, as usual.

The first game was led by the Green team but they then struggled to get their final double to finish the game. The Red team caught up and Sarah got the double 14 to take the victory. This was greatly helped by Jill who got the highest score of the game with three darts, scoring 75. The game was finished in the 5th round, showing that we are all improving our games.

The second game was pretty evenly matched with some good scores in the high fifties on both teams, but again the highest score in that game was achieved by Jill with a 63, and she then went on to finish the game for the Red team with a double 10 in the sixth round.

The final game was led by the Green team who quickly got down to requiring a double 2 to win. Pauline scored a magnificent 115 with three darts and Jean scored the winning double 2 in the eighth round with almost the last dart of the match before we were going to resort to throwing for ‘nearest the bull’ !

Many congratulations to all the high scorers and indeed to all the players for the fun and laughter we have had all year. Here’s to the next season!

November Meeting

Six group members met up for lunch at the Burrator Inn on Friday, 8th November and after an enjoyable meal, we warmed up our throwing arms in preparation for our first game. Two more members joined us and we started off our first game with four players on each team.

The Red team threw first and led for a while, but the Green team gradually caught up and overtook, getting to a final double first. However, as in the past, actually getting the double was not as easy! After our eighth round we decided that we would go for nearest the bull again, and get on with the next game. Marilyn won this encounter for the Red team, so then we went on to our second game.

This time Red was in the lead for most of the way, but Green caught up and finally won the game by Debbie getting a double 2 to win. On the way, Jennie scored a bullseye, but unfortunately that was more than was required, so she was bust and her score didn’t count – bad luck, Jennie.

We only had time left for a short game, so the last game went from 301 with the teams staying the same. After six rounds we went for nearest the bull again and Jean and Marilyn’s darts were the closest. As they were both on the Red team, that was the winner, but they also threw one more dart each and Jean won that encounter.

All in all, a fun couple of hours with good company. The highest scorers of the day were Jean with a magnificent 97, Chris with a 79, Jill with an amazing score of 75 and Jennie who scored a 72. Congratulations to all those high scorers and also to all the players who came today to make it a fun afternoon.

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Fri Apr 24th Meeting cancelled due to Coronavirus
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