Milford On Sea

Years and subjects chosen

We held our first meeting in January 2019

1945. Rationing (buff, green & blue books), War Artists (many famous names including Lowry & Sutherland), Utility Furniture/clothes/pottery, the bombing of Dresden, the disappearance of US Navy Flight 19 over the Bemuda Triangle, the invention of the first computer, the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (ENIAC), it weighed 30tons, covered 1800sq ft, failed daily and was less powerful than a modern smart watch weighing a few ounces.

1850. Franlin's last expedition to the arctic looking for the NW passage, The Great Famine (Irish potato famine), the invention of the sewing machine, the Great Exhibition, Joseph Paxton architect of Crystal Palace, Walter Hunt inventor of the safety pin.

1730. John Harrison's clocks, The great fire of Blanford Forum (1731), Black Forest Cuckoo clocks, Josiah Wedgewood (1730-1795), The Circus at Bath & architect John Wood the elder (1704-1754), Theatre censorship, the importance of words & Samuel Johnson's dictionary; Giacomo Casanova, Guliver's Travels & Benjamin Franklin, John Kay's flying shuttle (1733), Capt James Cook (1728-1779).

1934. The liner RMS Queen Mary, Laszlo and the Biro, Percy Shaw and the Cat's Eye road marking, Emelia Earhart, the Hat Industry in Luton, the Hoover Dam.

1690. William & Mary & their architecture & furniture; The early Copper & Brass Industry in the Avon Valley; Judge Jefferies & the Salem Witchcraft hysteria & bloody assizes in 1692; Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 & the last pitchfork battle at Sedgemoor; Isaac Newton's 'Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematics' was published in 1687 by the Royal Society; the Window Tax.

1906. Incorporation of Rolls Royce Ltd; 1906 San Francisco earthquake; Margaret McMillan, liberal reforms and free school meals; Dr Bernardo's homes; William Morris cars; Japanese raid on Port Arthur using 6 Thornycroft fast destroyers; The Wright Brothers, Orville & Wilbur.